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  1. bmw 320d from 2006

    thanks chris. will have to take one for a test drive. i run a 325ci at the moment. this one is for my lass for work round town and the odd blast to amsterdam. so sounds pretty good to me.
  2. bmw 320d from 2006

    howdy folks. i am thinking of buying a bmw 320d. just looking for a bit advice on fuel economy, and expected price of purchase.and if they are any good. i am hoping for an 06 or newer. hope someone can help. the better economy the happier i will be! let the fun begin cheers in antisipation
  3. The a8 tdi had to go!!

    my old a8 was the 4 litre, and was averaging 20- 25 on the run into townround town, and 37-39 on a run. the merc is happily doing 35-40. and 45+ on the motorway!
  4. The a8 tdi had to go!!

    well i said a sad fairwell to my audi a8 tdi last week. and took delivery of my 05 plate merc e 320 cdi estate. if first indicators are right the fuel consumption is awsome!! i do feel the lose of power, but must admit i am pretty suprised by the mercs ability to shift! so it looks like i made a good choice this time. a mixture of perfomance and economy. lokks like i might of cracked it ha ha. will keep you posted as time goes on!
  5. a8 re map

    thanks for the advice. a remap it is. will let you know how it goes. and if i still have a licence to drive the bloody thing! take it easy folks.
  6. a8 re map

    hello people, well the a6 tdi has gone. and a shiney a8 4l tdi is sat in my driveway!! got to say what a car. very happy indeed. but was recommended by dealer to re-map it. anyone ever done this to their car. and would it make it to thirsty to go anywhere in! gettin mid 30's on a run now but that was playing just a bit lol!!
  7. a6 is poorly

    i think a diet is in order then!!! just got the bill of £1120. merry bloody christmas audi!!!
  8. a6 is poorly

    well i have had my a6 for a month now. and i am well chuffed with her. but is it just me or are they rather low on the front end? as i found out to my cost the other day. when i hit a speed bump. you could say my car is on holiday at audi tesside having quite a bit of work done, to repair the suspension and steering. and i was only doing 10 mph. honest!! not looking forward to the bill i will get in the next day or two. are they low slung or do i need to go on a diet!!!???
  9. Tetris...

    ha ha suprised you not mentioned the street fighter one mate.
  10. subaru legacy

    hi folks, can anyone give me a few pointers on the legacy gtb twin turbo. been looking at a fresh import from japan, in white, all the toys. and a rather nice set of alloys. its got 52000 miles on it, and is up for £2750. is it a bit of a bargain. any help would be great. thanks
  11. Rock Band

    oh but what a collection of song there is. bring it on i say!!
  12. Rock Band

    i want one too
  13. 101.9p !!

    went to fill up in whitby the other day. saw it was £1.10 a litre put a fiver in to get me to tescos where it was only £1.01p think the garages staff should be wearing strippy jumpers and face masks grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!
  14. The 50 mpg club

    nice steady run to amsterdam. 60 all the way and got 53mpg out of the a6 tdi!! and diesel was resonably cheap at 78p a litre!! happy days!
  15. Audis are driven by twats (mostly)

    think the sun must of been in your eyes. bmw's can not turn their fog lights of at all!! i drive an audi and if i am a twat so be it. lol