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  1. CEO VW email address??

    Some years ago you guys helped me with a problem with a dealer with-holding my money..JimmyP gave me the CEO of VW UK email address at the I fired an email off ot him about the dealer..24 hours later problem solved.Well a similar problem has happened again to my daughters friend,but I have lots email address,van any of you guys help me please..Thanks for your help guys
  2. A few months ago had to have a new run flat tyre due to a nail in side wall they are 19" wheels so very expensive too,after fitting it had a leak the tyre fitter said cause of the very stiff walls it was quite common,he rebroke the seal and applied some tyre seal to the rim,everything was perfect for over a month till we hit that very cold spell a few weeks ago,due to sickness I did not use the car for almost 3 weeks,when I did the same tyre was very low pressure all the others where fine.I pumped it up to correct pressure some 3 weeks ago checked every day and its perfect,could the cold weather we had have had any effect on the alloy wheel/tyre causing this problem as its now perfect...cheers guys for what is a strange question I know...sorry
  3. Where to buy?

    Shaks specilaist cars in Huddersfield had a few in when I bought My wife a Mini Cooper from there..Seems a very genuine guy too...maybe worth a look if close...any thoughts guys ??
  4. Sold your R32 and now feeling sad?

    Hello again...Its a long time since I posted..Bought my first R32 a MKIV in 2003 kept that till 2005 then got a MKV..Then due to the car Tax, and being on first name terms with the Petrol pums.I changed to a BMW 330d M Sport in 2007 then 3 weeks ago changed again this time to a BMW 335d M Sport Coupe.I did price up the New Golf R But its way to expensive.This forum was a gold mine of information with help and assistance thrown in too. The R32 Owner was someome very special and always will be.YES I do miss my R32 but also love the 335d.
  5. 335d Auto or Manual

    So the decission has been made, if I want a 335d its to be an Auto, So next question how good is the Auto, Does it do justice to a great engine? Been many a year since I drove an Auto..Cheers guys
  6. 335d Auto or Manual

    Well decided my next car anything from an 08 or newer 335d saloon or coupe...but heres the dilema...what do you guys feel is the best option..Auto or Manual...I do slightly like to try the auto...but is that the best choice?????
  7. Buy a Tom Tom instead,why you ask.Well have owned a Snooper Strabo 350 for 2 years,great little box of tricks good mapping great free cam updates,sooo why slag them off you ask..Well you wait till anything goes wrong with it,the battery died on mine still works fine from the ciggy lighter,so one day thought I'll change the battery 4 little screws hold the case together...easy peazy so far,another 4 hold the circuit board to the case, again a Doddle.gently lift board and hey presto theres the battery.A quick search on Google reveals that Snooper batteries are as rare as hobby horse poo,so thought ring Snooper direct its in Runcorn about 35 minutes away from me,their answer was.."We dont sell the batteries you will have to post the Sat Nav to us" straight away the pound signs started flashing..DELIVERY....BATTERY...REPAIR LABOUR..I bet not much change out of £75 the things not worth that the moral is..Buy a Tom Tom...Garmin..Navigon..Navman you can buy all their batteries on the net..RANT OVER...Stuff SNOOPER..
  8. Sat nav battery

    My snooper sat nav battery has will not hold its charge at all...I cant find the same make anywhere..its a Yuko 3.7v 1300mAh battery with connectors,now I have seen the same size battery in Maplins with same connectors but its 3.7v but 1500mAh will this make a difference??..its a hell of a lot cheaper than the Snooper sourced on...cheers guys
  9. 09 Reg

    Just seen a DBP 09 reg MKV R32..As they finished building in July 08,is this an unusual one or are there other 09 Reg ones about??
  10. MK5 R32 Values...........

    I p/x'd my Feb 06 55 reg DBP Manual with leather with 16,000 miles on the clock, in March of this year, just before all this petrol crisis and green tax malarky...and got £18,500 PX against a 9 month old BMW 330d M Sport...Have to say I do miss the R32 for its exclusiveness..but the BMW is almost as exciting,with build quality second to none
  11. What Oil

    I need a 1LT top-up..but cant get to my BMW Dealer till saturday....but can get to my local Motor factor..which oil would be suitable for a 2007 330d M Sport..cheers guys
  12. Big Thanks

    Mmmm how come my profile has changed my car citroen CI...ermmmm dont think so...mines a BMW 330d M Sport...
  13. Big Thanks

    Well as an Ex R32 owner both MKIV and MKV...I just hope the Owner of the DBP R32 who was travelling allong the M56 towards Chester reads was a lady driving it...a "57" reg..we had a nice chat at quite a fast speed when the male passenger informed me my bonnet was open on one side..a BIG THANKS from me..cheers guys
  14. mk4 window problem

    Hi Daz...dont know if this is a fix or what...But I had a similar thing happen on my R32...a techie friend suggested spraying the window rubbers with silcon spray, or even household pledge as he said after a while the rubbers tend to dry out and grip the glass.I did it and it worked a treat no more problems.
  15. MSN Messenger

    Why after my daughter has used the computer with messenger does the sound settings totally change to a sort of "Echo sound".the only way I can get it back to to do a system restore to a date I know it was fine...any ideas guys PLEASE...