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  1. Not and ED30 either. mines an 80K Mkv GTi which has been remapped. i do about 80/20 motorway driving. have been driving it handy for the last while and have an average of around 41Mpg. nothing over 70/75 on the motorway, no quick starts etc. if i cane it, i get less than 100miles for 10Eur of petrol, approx 7.7 litres
  2. what could i have damaged?

    huzzah, apparently nothing, well nothing a pull bar couldnt sort out there is a bracket running across the exhaust channel, the stone hit there, and bent it up and it pinned the exhaust to the underfloor. once it was straightened the vibration was gone.
  3. GTi airflow questions

    stephanef i have the exact same issue on mine, i next took any notice of it to be honest. if it got too warm i just turn the aircon on for a bit then off and it kept the car at the lower temp. its 06 GTi.
  4. hey, long story short, was parked in a field yesterday, on the way out, i drove into an unsighted hole in the feild and the underside of the car impacted on a rock. (i was doing about 5-10mph at the time) i had a look under the car, and there is no oil leaking, or other visable impact mark. it was on the left side, maybe 12-18" inches in, but might have been a bit more. anyway, the car drives fine, there are no un-usual noises, the steering feels fine. drove home yesterday, (100+miles) and all felt and sounded ok. however this morning, when i started the car, there was a slight but definate vibration when the car was in P, and strong in D, and shifted to N, and it felt like it was when it started. i drove it a little to see if there was anything up, and again it drove fine. when i lift off, there is an odd feeling, i know thats not very technical, but it just feels different. the vibration in gear is not there when its warm, and lift off feeling is. the car is due a service, but what can i ask the garage to look out for ? have i done any serious damage, or just mis-aligned something? thanks. P.S. i never went with the milltek in the end.
  5. RNS-510 for Sale

    hi, im selling my RNS-510. details here eBay.ie: VW RNS510 (item 110539274880 end time 07-Jun-10 16:55:39 BST) thanks.
  6. intake or exhaust

    thanks mook. managed to find someone who will do a full TB fitted for 1250Eur. think ill go for it. ill update if i get it. thanks
  7. intake or exhaust

    mook, thanks for the info. have you got a milltek? is it a resonated or non. i spend about 70% of my driving time on the motorway, and have heard that the non-resonated can get a tad annoying. so thinking the resonated one would be the better choice. cheers.
  8. intake or exhaust

    hi all, did a bit of digging around but did not find anything definite. my gti has been mapped, and thats all so far.... been getting a bit itchy lately and was thinking about upgrading the air intake or the exhaust, eventually both will be done. however i am wondering which is the better starting point, i am not looking for a power increase, as the remap has taken care of that. i am looking to make the car a bit more drive-able, and i am wondering what would best suit the remap? i am currently leaning towards a cat-back milltek, then the TB or de-cat down pipe, or would i be best just biting the bullet and getting the full TB system? even though i would be parting with about 1500Eur, by the time it is shipped. all thoughts welcome. thanks
  9. turbo intake

    hey all, just looking for some advice here. thinking about replacing the oem intakes on my car. o6 dsg gti. not really sure what i am looking for though. would this eBay.ie: Forge Turbo Hose Kit for VW Golf GTI 2.0 TFSI Audi A3 (item 320474278103 end time 13-May-10 13:55:47 BST) or this be sufficient? eBay.ie: Carbonio Stage II MAF to Turbo Intake Piping 2.0TSI (item 320474276695 end time 13-May-10 13:53:24 BST) now, someone recommended an ITG, which runs at about 400Eur, ~350stg. however in the same breath i was also told it would mean having to upgrade my fuel pump! now i felt at that moment as if i was being taken for a bit of a ride. any thoughts or suggestions around the type of stuff i should get. the car is remapped, its also a UK import, so apparently different to the one sold in southern Ireland thanks.
  10. Possible DSG problem...?

    let me know what they say, i would be interested to know if their computer finds anything. thanks
  11. Possible DSG problem...?

    had a similar issue myself, around the same mileage too. took it back to the dealer twice, they kept it over night too. they never found a fault, even though one mechanic, could feel it. the computer says no, so there was no problem... it seemed to be worse when the gearbox was hot, after say 20 mins. it felt like the clutch was juddering, like a manual dry clutch had a little oil on it. it just went away one day, never been back. 66Kmiles now might be no harm in changing the oil though.
  12. loss of power after changing up.

    Mook, yeah i spoke to him. sorry should have stated originally, that the map which was on, is similar to the one now, in that this loss of power was happening, but not as pronounced, then the map was tuned to the agressive one, and when it was put back this loss of power issues arose again, only more pronounced. ill go back and have another chat. thanks
  13. loss of power after changing up.

    petsy, thanks. is this something i can do handy enough or does it require dismantling stuff?
  14. hey all, did a quick search, didnt return anything relevant, prob not searching for the right thing. 06 GTi DSG, its been custom remapped, and the tumbler patch has been done. totally standard apart from the map, almost 65Kmiles. about 10-15 with the remap only started to notice this after the map, when under mid/hard acceleration and i change up a gear, there is a momentary pause before the car gets under way again. for all the world is feel like its taking a deep breath. its not so noticeable low down, but changing from 3rd to 4th, there is pause, then away it goes, same changing to 5th. now the car was a bugger to map, after the original map it only gave 210bhp, this was atributed to a steering angle sensor with a bad reading, this was reset, as well as a new dv being installed, he also had to increase the fuel rail presure slightly as it wasnt getting enough at high RPM's. after all this the car was nuts, lot of fun, but too undriveable. so i got it wound back, this is when the issue started to appear. car is behaving normally, if a little smokey when giving it the beans. the remap is a custom map, local guy highly reccomended, i got the original map wound back as it was just too savage, well he delayed until to higher in the range. its putting out about 240bhp and 270lb/ft at the moment. just wondering if its normal or something i should look out for thanks.
  15. check engine light

    yeah, they have been there for a while. more concerned with the engine faults. checked that ross tech site earlier. while it give an explination for the code, its not very clear.