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  1. Clutch Judder.....

    they are Dunlops. granted only covered a few hundred miles, but so far im impressed. time will tell how good they are.
  2. Clutch Judder.....

    they are Dunlops. granted only covered a few hundred miles, but so far im impressed. time will tell how good they are.
  3. Clutch Judder.....

    got mine back from the dealers, they changed a wheel bearing on the front pax side, and the fuel pressure regulator. they could not find anything wrong with the gearbox. its all fine now again, and i take back everything nasty i said to my car ;-) also i got some new SP9000 tires, WOW. really really quiet and very grippy, in the dry and the wet.
  4. Clutch Judder.....

    excellent good news. mine is heading to the dealer tomorrow the judder has dissapeared, but has been replaced by a dull knocking sound.
  5. Clutch Judder.....

    im getting the same thing. all the odd gears are fine, its the evens ones it happens in. its only noticable when the gearbox is warm. 2nd will judder under medium acceleration as will 4th and 6th but to a much lesser extent. also if i go over 80, on a closed track, there is an alarming whine. let me know what they say, im still awaiting my dealer to get back to me on my issue. "they are not aware of any issues, but its being looked at with VW".
  6. oops, didnt recall seeing that. sorry.
  7. all, just had the GTi serviced. they made mention to an ECU engine update, its the second one its had, just wondering if anyone knew what the update does/fixes? also as i was driving out, they asked for my service book, and checked the chassis, and aparently there is a fuel pressure regulator/sensor recall, but it had only just come out and they didnt have the parts.
  8. Erratic idling

    i dare say it would cause it. i used to fill with 95RON with no problems, but then maxol E5 became easily availalble, so i use that now. no idea what might be causing the erratic idle.
  9. interesting site

    found this over the weekend. though some of you might find it useful. VW MkV GTI Wiki - Mkvgtiwiki a lot of the stuff links to external sites.
  10. lo all, have noticed something different with the way my DSG works from cold. when i head out in the morning, it does not change out of 1st, until it goes over 2500rpm. it used to always change at 1900. only a small difference i know, but unless i go over 2500 it will not change, until the car has been running for 15-20 secs, it then changes up. obviously its goes to 2nd next, but when i go over approx 15mph there is a low but audible, "clunk" noise. the gearbox works fine apart from that. if i head out for lunch its fine and fine if i drive it home several hours later. if i dont drive the car at lunch it does the same heading home. is it a potential issue, or am i being over sensitive.. there is approx 36K on the clock.
  11. accidently pressed enter, could someone delete please. thanks
  12. potential dsg issue?

    you decide, see attached
  13. potential dsg issue?

    cheers, gonna get the dealer to check it at the next service. additional query, i read on another forum, or maybe here. that the gearbox goes into a safe mode if the car has been launched more than x times. is this BS? if not anyone know what x is? is there a way for me to tell if the car has been launched. i bought it second hand. thanks.
  14. ceramic pads

    hi all, just curious, can i use ceramic pads with my stock discs? i was driving around some twisty mountain roads last week, and experienced some quiet scary brake fade at one point, pulled over for a bit.. was looking here, Volkswagen Golf / GTI V 2.0T Braking Pads anyone any suggestions? thinking about braided hoses too. thanks
  15. ceramic pads

    thanks all. prob a daft question, but will ceramic pads wear the discs quicker ? do the pads wear faster? any issue with warping, etc
  16. Door Speaker

    GGGRRRRR, the drivers side door speaker seems to be dead in the car. only noticed it friday. anyone an recommendations for a replacement. really dont want to have to upgrade the lot. might consider a "reasonable" upgrade for it and the same on the passenger door. as always thanks for the assist.
  17. Rns510 installed on my ed30

    hey, picked one up from ebay for 1100Eur. 30Eur shipping. had western europe maps, but they are suprisingly detailed for ireland.
  18. Have GTI sales dropped?

    indeed, its like they have been handing them out for nothing here. from a distance, you think its a fellow GTi owner, but it turns out to be a GT.
  19. RNS 510/ MFD3 Help Please!!!

    i would agree with burble, i got an RNS-510 after looking at several MFD2's the fact that you dont need the map dvd in the drive to use it, and the 18Gb of HD space for MP3's is well worth it.
  20. Rear Hatch Handle Replaced....

    thanks for that, my tail pipes are really manky. ill take a pick at the weekend. this white worm, any one got a handy pic if not ill do a search.
  21. Rear Hatch Handle Replaced....

    OT question. you are not the first person i have sen post about getting monza's replaced under warranty. is there an issue with them? warranty due out Mar 08 then one year dealer warranty, so would like to get them changed if there is an issue. thanks
  22. Door Speaker

    i checked all three speakers and they are all working. gonna take the lining off the door when i get some free time and check the wiring. same song this time it sounded a lot different. i hope its a loose wire. not good on a two year old car, but better than a blown speaker.
  23. i average about 34Mpg on the run to work. 27 miles each way. about 20 motorway and the rest b-roads. stop and start a lot at the work end of the journey. best ever was 42Mpg on a 250mile trip, mixed b-roads and motorway. from a 50Eur tank, about 47liters to 20 indicated remaining miles, i get about 380miles on Maxol E5
  24. ill think about it after i install the RNs510. anyway off to ebay i go, unless anyone has one for sale reasonably?
  25. hi all, im looking at getting an RNS510 for my Mkv GTi. i presume any rns510 will fit, i.e. some are advertised as touareg others as golf Mkv etc. most of the units on Ebay are supplied without GPS antennea, are these easy enough to pick up ? the DVD maps all seem to be preloaded onto the Hd, is there somewhere these can be bought, not having much luck on ebay. the bluetooth, i was under the illusion that i could pair my phone to it and use it as a handsfree system, however i have been informed that the unit does not do this on it own, the car has to have the highline spec ?? mine is a midline. am thats all the q's i can think of at the moment. if there is somethign glaring i have missed please point it out. thanks.