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  1. oh ok, thanks. took a look at the bluetooth installation. think i will be giving that a miss. dont want an airbag to suddenly deploy into my head ;-).
  2. wow, thanks for all the info. when you say two antenna's, i presume you mean two GPS antenna's? just the RNS510 has a tv input too, which i wont be using. thanks
  3. cough

    update: just back from dealer, the guy says its nothing at all. hooked it to the machine it found nothing. he could feel the judder and ran thru the D/S test that i did, he couldnt explain it, but said it was nothing to be concerned about. so i dont know. its still there but there appears very little i can do about it. thanks to all for the advice anyway.
  4. cough

    hey, bit of an odd one, when the car is idling, it kind of "coughs" . the rev gauge doesnt bounce up and down, it does a very little bit. but there is a noticeable "judder" but not that bad, if you know what i mean. it doesnt cut out, but feels like its on the verge. its not noticeabl e when its cold, but it does rev higher. it idles when warm at approx 750 rpm, is that too low. i only have the car week, so maybe im a over concerned parent. its due for a service and should be getting it friday. so i will mention it then. thanks
  5. Stainless steel effect dash trim

    tmtuning.com they are state side though. havent managed to fine a UK dealer yet. been looking at that myself. there is a brush alu coin holder lid too which looks pretty sweet.
  6. cough

    fresco, yeah something like that, but only when warm not from cold. its going back to the dealer on friday for more testing. the head mech was unsure as to what it might be. i will update when i know more.
  7. Dealer Service

    hhhmmm, how do i know what software version i have ?
  8. Dealer Service

    just wanted to share my experience of my first VW service ever. P&R motors in newry. the car was bought there, but imported to ROI before i purchased it. the pervious owner got the first service done there. i used them as they were the cheapest VW service within a reasonable driving range from me. it was the cars second service (20K miles) the follwoing is what is on the docket. VAG 1551 Check ? Filter (VA06D 115 562) air filter (VA06F 133 843 A) Screen Clean Plug - im presuming sump. Synta5LTR(VA115 VAG 406) and they washed the car, all for 200Eur. thats the cheapest dealer service i have ever had. they also updated some ECU software, but the service receptionist was unable to tell me what this was. it did involve a recall though... anyone else any positive notes about their dealers maybe make it a sticky?
  9. Dealer Service

    hhhmmmm, maybe they did not do that. i have a port about the car "coughing" @ idle which sounds like it might what you mentioned above. ill ring tomorrow and quiz some more.
  10. cough

    not that i can recall. why ?
  11. cough

    update : dealer found nothing, but im not 100% convinced they looked. they took it out for a test drive but nothing was reported. done some different tests myself. when the car is in D or S with my foot on the break it does not do it. only when it is in N. havent tried it in P yet. only when its warm, the aircom/lights/fans etc dont make any difference. using E5 petrol, cant recall if it did it when i bought it.
  12. cough

    i couldnt hear the fan cutting in so not too sure. had climactic off all day today, and still the same. ill have another go and let you know thanks
  13. Petrol

    hi, first time here. just picked up a 2nd hand gti yesterday. sweet "bleeping" machine. my first VW in fact. now on to the stupidity, already ;-). i pulled in to get petrol and was in full auto pilot mode. i put in std unleaded, which here in ROI is 92RON. now i have done a bit of digging, could not find anything bad, but im just wondering have i done bad. i will be filling with super plus from now on. i put in approx 27ltrs. the best advice i have cobbled together from the different forums, is to basically not drive the nuts off it. now a few questions. the RCD300. i have read about upgrading and such, but anyone any ideas about where to buy etc etc. also the gti has 18" with 225/40/18 typres (brigstone). the front PSI is only 28. whats the reccomended? mixed driving, i live down a b road, but drive to work and back on the motorway. prob more questions later. thanks
  14. Petrol

    what a jip, paying the extra cash for "better" fuel and its the same as normal stuff. gonna get me some E5 and see how that goes. also, servicing costs for ROI the civic was around 270 per minor service, in a honda dealer. im expecting similar for the GTi.
  15. Petrol

    dogbucket / johnnygti thanks. i got a back 3dr, DSG. have only driven an automatic on a few occasions, but the DSG is like nothing i have driven before. the flappy paddles are nice, but not practical with a lot of lock on. good fun though. thanks for the info on the petrol, was a bit concerned. ill get the tyre pressure sorted now.