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  1. Gearbox woes?

    It's my turn to enter the fray with a knackered gearbox. My S8 (2001) has just passed 155k miles, and I've had it since 65k with a full service history - so it's the first 'box. It's a real shame, but the company that is reconditioning says that they do quite a lot of these and the whole 'sealed for life' idea is a crock of shite. Apparently, if I had had the oil changed from time to time, this is unlikely to have happened - they said eventually the tiny tubes that the oil goes through get clogged up, and then it's just a matter of time before it breaks down. So, a word of warning for all those A8/S8 auto drivers out there, who don't think their gearbox doesn't need any TLC - go for the prevention-is-better-than-cure approach! £2k is the pricetag for a full reconditioning, including new replacement parts. :o/
  2. Ideas for a louder exhaust

    I had a look into this a few years ago for my S8. I decided against the Milltek cat-back system because it made no improvement to the performance and leaves the exhaust note quite muted. In the end I had a manifold-back system custom made and fitted for not much more than the price of the Miltek one would have been. It sounds absolutely marvellous - quiet enough when you're cruising, but bellowing V8 thunder when you hit the loud pedal. It's given me many years of joy, scaring the natives - it also gives the car more beans. De-cat, fettled induction and a remap are definitely the way forward, IMHO. )
  3. Tv in motion

    The best thing to do is to get a switch installed (discreetly) under the top of the small stowage compartment to the right of the steering wheel. This means you can turn the TV-in-motion thing on or off. I did it so that not only can the passengers in the back watch their screens, but the front passenger can too. Incidentally, I don't drive around with the DVD or the TV playing for me to watch while I'm at the wheel - you'd have to be a bit of an idiot to do that! At the same time as I had this done, I had the stereo beefed up and they installed a bass controller in a similar place to the TV switch I mentioned. It's useful to have immediate control over these things, as opposed to having to go into the menus.
  4. Mystery misfire!

    Hi, Just noticed your thread from recently. You might have had it sorted out by now, but I recently had a similar problem. It started drinking petrol even more than normal and the acceleration came in fits and starts. After checking plugs and coil packs, etc, it turned out to be a defective airflow meter and, now fixed, the old girl is going like a train again now.
  5. 2011 Audi A8 Teaser video

    Yeah, I agree. I think it's a shame they often put the same front and rear ends on their cars, so you're not immediately sure if someone's driving a 4, a 6 or an 8 until it gets up close. Also, in the blurb they say it goes on sale in April - but next year's 2010, not 2011. Perhaps it's a marketing ploy to make people think it's really futuristic and ahead of its time. Didn't Range Rover do that this year as well - issue a new '2010' model many months before it actually is 2010? Aha, I think I have found something new to annoy me (if that were possible)!
  6. Audi S8/A8 D2 supercharger!!!!!

    Hi Bart, I'm very interested in this S8 Supercharger project you're working on - I've been intending to get one done for ages but I haven't managed to find a convincing solution yet. I've already had my D2 S8 40V souped up from 360 to 425 with a combination of full-length custom sports exhaust, de-cat, induction and remap - but I think I've reached the 'end of the road' with normal aspiration, hence the intention to add a bit more 'pep' to the old girl with a blower. Have you got any estimated figures since your last post 10 days ago, please? Many thanks, Jes.
  7. Lowering springs for sport model

    I had my S8 lowered 2 years ago, using Eibach coilovers. I'd recently fitted new 20" alloys and the car looked too high, so the Eibachs (which are adjustable) enabled me to lower it right back down. I've also added spacers (15cm front, 25cm back) so that the wheels actually fill the wheel arches rather than having the usual gaps. I've just uploaded a recent photo onto my user profile, but I'm not sure it will come up on this reply. If there is an easy way to embed a photo in a reply it would be useful to know and then you could see how it looks, post-lowering. Cheers.
  8. MIJ Performance Exhaust?

    P.S.: I just had a gander at your pic's - loving those quads, mate! Looks like they did a top job.
  9. MIJ Performance Exhaust?

    Sorry for delayed response, I've not been on here for ages! I used my local indie in High Wycombe, who has been looking after my cars and sooping them up for 10 years or so. They out-sourced the zorsts and decat, then added the sports air filter and had it remapped on a rolling road. He also fitted the lowered/adjustable suspension and shocks which helped fill the arches with the 20" rims and spacers - and stopped it wallowing about. It goes like the clappers and blasts V8 thunder when you give it the beans. Fortunately, with the double-glazed windows up and all the normal S8 sound-proofing, if you're not in the mood for V8 thunder, it's only the people behind you that have the problem, haha. It's well worth it, anyway - it makes a big difference without chavving it up. Cheers, J.
  10. A8/S8 Roll Call

    Hi all. Sorry, haven't been on here for ages and am late for the roll call. Please below for details of my S8 (if my new 'signature' is working, that is...). I only have one older photo (pre-lowering) of my motor which I've put on my profile. Must get an up to date one on here a.s.a.p... Cheers, Jes.
  11. MIJ Performance Exhaust?

    Hi, on the subject of sports exhausts, I looked in to this quite a bit last year and discovered you can only get cat-back systems for the A8 'off the shelf' which do look different to standard, but offer no improvement in performance (despite what the salesmen will try and tell you) and virtually no improvement to the exhaust note. In the end I had a full length custom-made system fitted (with cat replacements), a sports air filter and then an ECU remap, achieving a pleasing 426 BHP from my 2001 S8, up from the standard 360. It howls like a banshee when you open the taps, which is a bonus! The cost of the exhaust part of my upgrade was not much more than the cat-back systems you can buy off the shelf - I was quoted over £700 for one which seemed very pricey just for a different-looking tail-pipe. Before you part with your dosh it might be worth checking it out. Cheers, J.
  12. S8 Warning Lights.

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with a couple of queries, please! Does anyone know whether having a sports exhaust with de-cats will cause the engine management light to come on? The odd thing about it is that when the garage turn the light off it stays off for a day or two and then will come back on whilst driving along. It always seems to come back on when I go over a sharp bump or a pothole, which initially made me think there might be a loose connection somewhere. The people that arranged the exhaust and de-cat promised me it wouldn't cause an issue with the engine management light and still maintain this opinion, but the Audi dealership are adamant that's what's causing it. Logically, I can't understand why the light doesn't come on immediately if the problem is to do with the richness of the exhaust fumes. Last time it came on 300 miles after it was turned off by Audi. It seems to me that it would come on as soon as the engine is fired up if that were the true cause. The other query is to do with a warning light that has come on relating to the headlight height adjustment. The Audi dealership maintain it because I have had lowered suspension put on the car, causing the angle of the headlights to be out of sync. The odd thing is that I had the suspension done 6 months ago and the light never came on until last week. On reflection I suppose that could be to do with the suspension settling over time... Perhaps I'm just paying the annoying price of having my car beefed up! I had it chipped after the exhaust was done and it goes like the clappers now. Any ideas would be gratefully received! Cheers. Jes.
  13. Wet Carpet

    [ QUOTE ] I can put some stats on the commonality for this problem - we've had only 1 pre facelift car in so far with a dry carpet, and I was suspicious that it had been fixed by the previous owner. Every other car was at least wet, some soaking. The worst one was so wet that I didnt even have to wring it out - The water was just pouring out of the foam onto the floor unaided ! It does seem to be mainly the passenger sides that are wet, which backs up Botangs work identifying the hole in that side of the bulkhead... [/ QUOTE ] I must say, I feel somewhat vindicated now I've read this thread. I've been plagued with the old Wet Carpet & Steamy Windows Syndrome for ages now. I thought I'd cracked it when I found the Evap Drains Unblocking Procedure mentioned above. The other day, though, after some torrential rain I booted off up the road and to my dismay heard the all-too-familiar sound of a bubbling brook, glanced into the back and saw a huge flow of water coming out of the central rear air vents. So then, out with all the carpets again and another fortnight or so driving around in a plastic-floored S8, while the foam takes eons to dry out. I've had it out with the service desk at the dealers and they just replied with a blank look and the mantra "well, I'm sure I don't know, we've never had that problem mentioned before". Yeah, right - pull the other one! I can just imagine the Head Office memo going round to all the dealers - "whatever you do, don't admit there's a problem with the drains - admit nothing and deny everything!" I think I'll print out some of the instructions and pics from above and get my local indie to find the hole and block it up once and for all. Thanks, by the way. P.S.: Incidentally, for my own contribution - I note from above that some people have been struggling to unblock the drains and have tried screwdrivers, coat hangers and water hoses. I found the best thing is a can of compressed air from your local computer supplies shop. The one I got comes with a thin nozzle extension, which seems to do the job very well providing you pinch the end of the drain round the nozzle to force the air through.