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  1. Cant shut the boot!

    Thanks. Its mechnical, part of the latch in the boot lid has broken off. A new one is on order and will hopefully be easy to fit! Alan
  2. Cant shut the boot!

    Yes, the mechanism is open when I move the boot down. I can close the mechanism by hand but it does not latch just springs back. Fairly sure there should be some spring / pin to latch it in place. Thx Alan
  3. Cant shut the boot!

    Hi, Thanks for that. The mechanism seems to move OK, but I dont think it is latching in place. Suspect is mechanical rather than electrical. Alan
  4. Cant shut the boot!

    Hi Guys, This morning my A8 (D3) was covered in frost. I opened the boot to get some de-icer out but ever since I can not close it. To explain better I can shut it, but its not locked / latched in any way. I can lift it up again without pressing the button or the key. I have tried locking via the keyfob and also tried locking via the key but it makes no difference. Any ideas what to try. I am a bit worried using the car - if I stop in a hurry the boot may fly up! Thanks Alan
  5. 4 off genuine Audi wheels / tyres for sale. Originally fitted to my 2004 A8 but should fit most Audi / VW cars. These wheels / tyres are the expensive optional "PAX system" run-flat tyres. See The new Audi A8 for more details. To buy a new set of these from Audi would cost over £5000! The tyres have plenty of tread left (approx 5.5mm). One of the wheels is out of balance after hitting a pothole so will need balancing or repair. The other three wheels are ready to use but have some slight damage around the rim due to kerbing. The typre pressure monitoring sensors are still in the wheels and were working when removed. These wheels would be ideal as spares or with a bit of work could be sold on for a profit. Due to the weight would prefer that the buyer collects. I have listed these on ebay with a £10 starting bid. Genuine Audi A8 wheels & tyres with pressure sensors on eBay, also, Wheels with Tyres, Car Wheels, Tyres Trims, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 13-Oct-08 14:10:42 BST)
  6. A8 Parts LPG Conversions

    Hi Guys, Sorry is this is off topic a bit but I have a strange LPG related question. On my 4.2 D3 I normally get about 17.5mpg running on LPG. Normally I have the gearbox set to drive and the suspension set to automatic. Recently I have kept the gearbox set to drive but set the suspension to dynamic. For some reason this has increased my LPG mpg to nearly 20. I was under the impression that changing the suspension will lower the car so may have a small effect on the wind resistance but this is a near 15% improvement in economy which seems far too big a gain to have come from lowering the car. Any ideas why? Does the A8 run a different engine map in dynamic mode? Perhaps the LPG ECU was "tuned" to that mapping? Thx Alan PS I am pretty confident in the figures as I always set the trip counter to zero after I fill up. That way I know how many litres of LPG I have used to cover the distance on the trip counter. I always fill up at the same place and only use the car for going to / from work. I have alternated between the different modes a couple of times now. PPS On the D3 its possible to fit the LPG filler next to the petrol filler so its all hidden away under the fuel filler cap. Not sure if this is the same on the D2 but would recommend anyone fitting LPG checks as it makes for a neat install.
  7. Went over a ton for the first time today

    On my 2003 D3 4.2L the LPG filler is hidden behind the filler cap next to the petrol filler. Its a bit of a tight fit but has not caused any problems. Alan
  8. Strange warning light behaviour

    Its probably a lazy oxygen / lambda sensor either pre or post cat. The other possibility is that you have picked up a cr@p load of petrol. Either of these could fool the engine management into thinking the catalytic converter is not doing its job properly. The cure for both is often the same - fill up with some high octane fuel and have some fun giving the car a good thrashing. HTH Alan
  9. Low oil warning will not go away!

    Problem has now fixed itself! All I did was wash the car - maybe the low oil sensor and the "this car is disgusting, clean it now sensor" are wired together? Alan
  10. Its bad news indeed and was sneaked through in the budget. If you drive a car with over 185g/km of CO2 emissions and it was registered between March 2001 and March 2006 (anything with a engine bigger than a lawnmower) then you used to pay £210 a year. Not any more - the changes to the CO2 bands have been backdated 7 years so you now pay £440 per year. I can not see how they can justify backdating the change - there will be many people affected who can not afford to change their car to something in a lower tax band. For my family this affects two cars and costs an extra £510 tax per year. However the government never use the running out of oil argument to justify high road tax and petrol tax, they always use global warming. This is total b*llocks. I am not saying global warming is b*llocks, just the tax argument. A couple of quick sums prove it. If you do 10,000 miles a year in a car that does 30 to the gallon thats 333 gallons of fuel. At £1.10 per litre thats £5 per gallon or £1666 per year (scary as it probably took >>£3000 of salary to get £1666). About 60% of fuel cost is tax so for 10,000 miles of motoring we have paid £1100 in tax. Add to that the £440 road tax and we have paid £1540 of our (post tax) salaries most of which has been justified as an environmental tax. There are various schemes to offset your carbon emissions eg where they plant trees on your behalf. How much do you think it costs to offset the carbon emissions from 333 gallons of petrol. Looking at carbon offset sites such as this is about 4 tonnes of CO2. The cost to offset this is a bit less than £1500.... in fact its £12. If the government used the tax on petrol to offset emmisions then they could justify 0.07p tax per litre for global warming reasons. I would happily pay another 0.07p per litre in tax if the government used it to offset the carbon and more importantly stopped using global warming as an excuse for putting up taxes. Alan
  11. 166k to high for lpg?

    I think valve problems were more of an issue with some of the older more basic lpg conversions where te mixture was not always controlled so well. Modern cars designed to run on lead free petrol have hard valve seats anyway. LPG burns at a higher temperature, but burns 100% so has almost no residue (oil stays clean etc). In balance an LPG conversion is probably good for the life of the engine. As for power there is a few % drop on modern systems but you will struggle to notice the difference in normal driving. As you can switch back to petrol at the press of a button you can always keep some super unleaded / optimax etc in the petrol tank for when you want a blast. Alan
  12. Hi All, On the way home from work a min oil level warning came up on the dashboard display (D3 4.2 V8). This is min oil level, not oil pressure. This has happened a few times before as the car seems to drink about 0.5L every 1500 miles or so. I carry oil with me so put about 0.5L in got back in the car and expected all to be OK. Not so the warning was still there. Stopped again, waited 5 mins for the oil to settle in the sump and carefully filled to the max level on the dipstick, another 0.5L ish. Still have the warning. Tried the car this AM on a cold engine. Still have the warning. Oil level still at max. Any ideas? I seem to remember the warning will come on any time the oil level is detected as low, but will also stay on until the bonnet is opened as well? The thinking being that if the oil level is first detected as low it will still be low until the bonnet has been opened to check / top up the level. I have a couple of long trips today so any ideas as to what might be wrong or how I can reset the warning would be gratefully received! Thanks Alan
  13. 166k to high for lpg?

    I have a 4.2L D3 with LPG and have been running it now for about 10K miles. Its a sequential system and I am get about 20mpg on LPG. Tank is in the boot not sure how big it is bit seems to take about 80L when filled. £2.5K seems a lot to pay. I bought my car with LPG and suspect it only cost £200 more because of it. May be worth looking at selling your car and buying one already converted? BTW the filler for the gas can fit next to the petrol filler so everything is hidden under the fuel filler cap. Alan
  14. Hi Guys, A while back one of my wheels got damaged when my wife hit a deep pothole. A new wheel from Audi was going to be well over a grand so I decided to buy a new set of wheels / tyres as it was cheaper.. After a few arguments about the pothole Hertfordshire council have agreed to pay for the new wheels / tyres I now have four of these wheels / tyres of the same type as shown here One of the wheels needs repairing due to the pothole and to be honest the others are not perfect as the lacquer is lifting off in some areas so the whole set could do with being renovated. The tyres are all good with plenty of tread and the wheels have the tyre pressure sensors in them. To buy these new would cost over £5K but obviously they are only worth a fraction of that now. Any ideas whats the best way to get some money back on them? Thanks Alan
  15. New wheels?

    Are these the same? If so save yourself £100 or spend more on better tyres? Have a look at and also Regards Alan