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  1. Family Holiday with Kids

    Lots of hotels do adjoining rooms now ... we just lock the "kids" bedroom from the inside and leave the do not disturb sign on permanently and we all use our door (they are only 11 and 8 so always with us). The teenagers now also get their own twin room and so far we have always had 3 rooms in a row - I knock to say we are off to brekkie but generally now leave them to it (16 & 17).
  2. Xenomaniac

    I have heard it before, but it's still funny
  3. 17 Plate

    Cancelled my order last year as I couldn't be bothered to wait any longer and I kept looking at cabriolets. Sods law I also overtook a transporter full of them the other week so I guess mine might have been sat on the drive by now - SQ5 is staying for now, does everything and more than I need it too .... .... and I can always use Biscuits' car if I fancy a change, afterall he changes more often than me
  4. 17 Plate

    I've only spotted a Macan Turbo in Black so far .....
  5. While the cats away.....

    Want to spice up your life? Add chilli to the pizza
  6. San Francisco

    We have decided to fly to SFO purely because a lot of the driving routes are closed due to snow (based on this yr) and we don't want to spend the whole holiday sat looking out of a car window! If we want to look at Yosemite we can go into from SFO and will drive into Death Valley from Vegas as a day trip as neither of us have been, do another Cirque show and Grand Canyon as a helicopter ride (I've not done) - we've both done Vegas several times now so don't need to stay any longer than we are. Did LA as a business trip and have no feelings of need to see it again yet (although I did like Santa Monica) so not bothering this time. Still not quite sure on where to stay in SFO, but have found the site above for ideas too and bought a Moon guide book which was recommended and pretty comprehensive! Seems we need to book now for NYE parties now too .....
  7. San Francisco

    Alcatraz on our list to do, not been to SF before so will need to do a few touristy bits Looks like we are flying into Vegas for a few nights, then San Francisco for 29th Dec, spend NYE there and will then hire car and do the Big Sur drive heading down for Monteroy & Cambria and a night or so up in Napa too for wine tasting and chilling, probably another night or so in SF again before heading back home. Not looking for a beach holiday so cooler weather will be welcome. If I want hippy culture I can just visit my parents ....
  8. San Francisco

    Talk to me .... hotels, must see's/do's/eat's etc etc please. Looking for NY 2017 (and a week) ...
  9. Tada!!

    looks friggin FAB .... I'd even have my next car in blue!! Soooooooo, about time we all got together (so we can see it in the dark )
  10. Wetroom Shower Taps Advice etc

    we've got the Aqualisa Digital shower, you set the temperature & press one button for the normal shower with the flexible hose and can only change to the rainshower setting by pressing another button so no mistake can really be made (and a 5 yr guarantee)

    ha - must have been a "user error" as it now works ....... nothing to see, move along - as you were

    This is a test ... 123

    I can't seem to post from my mobile anymore ... seems all OK until I check *on my laptop and none of my posts have appeared!! This is the 3rd time now since the update - any ideas? *I am on my laptop now
  14. No site access 6 weeks later....

    I had to clear off my cookies too and delete my bookmark for it to work .... now all good
  15. I just assume you already know where I live Ian_C ..... which is why we never bother closing the curtains