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  1. Just received my Bluefin from Superchips

    [ QUOTE ] Just returned my car to standard tonight as it is going in for a service. I can confirm via VAG-COM that the ECU flash counter gets incremented each time you do this so the dealer can easily read this info and see that the car has been remapped. My dealer is happy enough with the remap so no problem but just in case anyone thought you could hide it [/ QUOTE ] Do dealers routinely check the ECU flash counter during a service? I would have thought this would mean remaps would be detected all the time, contrary to claims of tuners?!
  2. GTI MKv - ECU tuned?

    [ QUOTE ] Surely it's better (more reliable) not to overwrite the stock program. 'Many a slip between cup and lip!' re copying software. Revo sounds 'safer'. [/ QUOTE ] As far as I know BSR have been selling the PPC unit for quite some time (although only fairly recently for the 2.0TFSI) so i would expect it to be reliable / safe and BSR have a great reputation in Sweden. The AMD Oneclick system which has also been around for a while (not yet for the 2.0TFSI) also has only one program installed in the ECU. At the end of the day, there is an element of risk with any of these things but as to whether one is safer / more reliable than the other, I wouldn't like to speculate.
  3. Want to remap

    try www.bsruk.co.uk
  4. Want to remap

    You could also try BSR's PPC tuning see www.bsruk.co.uk. I have it on my MkV GTI and i'm very happy with it. BSR are a Swedish company with a very good reputation in tuning. The programming is completely switchable and I think they do the 1.8
  5. GTI MKv - ECU tuned?

    My understanding is that stock program is copied to the PPC unit when plugged into the car and the BSR program is then written to the ECU (i guess it overwrites the stock program on the ECU?) so there is only one program on the ECU at any time. whereas with the REVO both programs are loaded onto the ECU and you switch between them. To switch back to stock you simply plug in the PPC unit and there is a menu option to switch back. I haven't done this but i assume it takes about the same time to program as loading the BSR program. HTH
  6. GTI MKv - ECU tuned?

    I've had the BSR PPC installed for a couple of weeks now. Installation was a breeze and the actual "tuning" took less than 20 minutes. I must admit I was a bit nervous of something going wrong (eg the car not starting after the tuning!) without a professional on hand to deal with any problems, but Justin at Nordic Car (BSR's UK agent) was very helpful. It's also very simple to revert back to stock at anytime. The results are amazing. As I mentioned in a previous post, throttle response definitely feels much quicker and the engine now just revs so freely. The slight sluggishness/ lag has gone. Second gear acceleration is immense and in the wet you would need to be a bit careful. I haven't had any problems with traction in the dry though. Even more impressive though are third and fourth gear. It pulls like a train from almost any speed in these gears! Torque steer does not seem to be an issue. Overall the car feels much more alive and there is no way I could revert back to stock and enjoy the car anywhere near as much (although maybe I'll revert to stock over winter...). The chassis can definitely handle more power (the Anniversary edition GTi will have 230ps, the new Seat Cupra is rumoured to have 240ps and as i understand it there are higher power versions of the GTi in other markets eg Japan). At the end of the day no doubt it's a marketing decision but it is a shame...
  7. Thanks for the responses RS32 and Geoff Geoff, I'll do the test you suggested - basically the sound is too high and harsh at higher volumes (on CD / Ipod). Did you install the Rainbows in a MkV? Did you also install cleansweep / recommend cleansweep for the RCD500? I did quiz my installers at the time and they said they had spent alot of time testing / setting up but i didn't ask them to to do any particular test. I may find another installer to test whether it is setup properly any suggestions for installers in London area? cheers
  8. RS32 - who did your installation if you don't mind my asking? I have an RCD500 and have had Rainbow IQ Line 3 ways put in the front running off a 2 channel Genesis amp, but i am less than happy with the sound. when on radio its truly awful and on CD its better than standard setup but not by that much, certainly not enough to justify the amount i've spent...my installers (supposedly one of the best in London) swore black and blue that the problem is not with the headunit and suggested all i needed to complete the system was a subwoofer (suggested Bazooka). I even contacted Rainbow headoffice and they said it should sound good with the setup i have ie even with the RCD500. So it seems to me that either my installers/Rainbow are wrong or my installers have not set it the system properly. one other question, do you need a separate volume control for the cleansweep set up? cheers
  9. GTI MKv - ECU tuned?

    I decided to go for the BSR PPC system. Installed it today and only been for a quick spin but it feels like a different car. throttle response seems much quicker and it revs much more freely. it now feels seriously quick! I haven't tried any other tuning products so can't compare but i am very happy with the BSR system. I post up some more thoughts once i've had a good blast this weekend. HTH
  10. GTI MKv - ECU tuned?

    [ QUOTE ] Carn > Is BSR available in the UK or are you in Oz/NZ ? BSR is available in the UK. See www.bsruk.co.uk. HTH
  11. ppc tuning system for 20t gti

    Back on thread, has anyone tried this or know anything about BSR tuning? they are based in Sweden, but thats about all i know the ppc looks like a cracking product and is available now from www.bsruk.co.uk for £499 plus vat. I can't decide whether to get this or wait for the AMD oneclick offering. The main difference seems to be that with Oneclick you copy the standard ECU map and send it to AMD (or the supplier which i think is Milford Microsystems) and they load the performance map based on the standard map which i assume is customised to your car. With the ppc they don't cusomtise the map to your car. They supply the same performance map for the particualr car.
  12. GTi Mats

    According to the standard specs the GTI mats are standard. Mine had standard Golf V mats on collection and i had to ask for the GTI mats but the dealer supplied them without protest. Might be worth checking with your dealers before going out and buying them... HTH
  13. MK5 Amplifier

    Haven't decided on location yet. hoping it will go under drivers seat. speakers - Rainbow IQ line 3-way www.rainbow-audio.de. these replace the front speakers only and are made for the MkV so fit straight in. bought them from www.caraudiodirect.com amp is a genesis profile two. bought this off ebay, but caraudiodirect stock them. cheers
  14. mk5 wiper madness - me or the electrics?

    similar problem with mine - rear wipers come on of their own accord when i start engine. It's an intermittent (no pun intended) problem so no doubt will be hard to fix. dealers are checking it today
  15. MK5 Amplifier

    I've bought an amp and a set of Rainbow 3 way speakers, but have yet to have them fitted. Not sure where to install the amp (under drivers seat or in boot). If anyone has the Soundpack upgrade with an amp, i'd be interested to know where the amo is installed?