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  1. BMW M3 Competition

    I know.... lol :D RS3 test drive cancelled as the dealership has sold the car! Grrrr. Probably end up sticking with the Golf R
  2. BMW M3 Competition

    Food for thought...... the used option still seems a good way forward as 1 year examples are floating around the £46k mark with sub 10k miles on the clock. Saw a white RS3 sportback yesterday, man that thing sounded lovely on the move....... looks and sounded great however I can only get around 6% discount off the RS3. The M3 seems a way better option looking purely at numbers at the moment.
  3. BMW M2 Competition

    The Golf R is a smashing all round package for the money.
  4. BMW M3 Competition

    Just found this over on another forum...... any good? It still might be too much for me in terms of monthly payments compared to a year old used example but thought I would ask.. Cheers, Riz
  5. BMW M2 Competition

    I agree, hence why the RS3 Saloon is off the list, even the Sportback has a smaller boot than the Golf R I belive? +/- 10 litres? Saw a M3 Competition this morning walking through the car park...... drool.
  6. BMW M2 Competition

    Actually the boot is even smaller than my Golf R’s I believe..... I guess it’s not really a wise move considering it’ll also end up costing a whopping £56k!!! In reality is still a Golf underneath. £45-48k on a used M3 Competion seems a better idea at the moment.
  7. BMW M2 Competition

    Nope, never driven a M car before, driven a SLK55 AMG once but apart from the engine noise, it left me cold.
  8. BMW M2 Competition

    Already own the Golf R once the house move is done I’m going to decide on what to do, keep the Golf R or change to something bigger. Still taking a test drive in the RS3, however as each day passes I’m leaning towards a good used car.
  9. BMW M2 Competition

    Looking at the F80 turbo M3 Competition, 17 plate examples are ranging from £45k upwards which represents about 15k deprieiation from new.
  10. BMW M2 Competition

    Think a used M3 saloon is going to make the list.... :D
  11. BMW M2 Competition

    I think probably the biggest negative for me is not having the rear doors for the kids...... this got me looking and used cars which is cheaper option compared to a highly spec'd brand new Audi RS3. https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/f80-m3-post-14/bmw-m3-m3-4dr-dct-competition-pack/8570108 I may just end up with my Golf R!!! :D lol
  12. RS3 - Saloon!

    Yes testing the RS3 Saloon but considering a Sportback for practice reasons
  13. BMW M2 Competition

    lol mmmmmm
  14. BMW M2 Competition

    Seeing YouTube video's of M3's losing their back ends makes me scared.... can I handle a RWD car considering how easily they seem to flip out on you. :D lol
  15. BMW M2 Competition

    Surely the new face-lift Audi RS3 isn't too bad in the understeering / handling department ...... I find the steering in my Golf R good enough for my usage. Part of me is having second thoughts, as I might be better off just sticking with my Golf R for now.