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  1. 2001 S8 Spark Plugs any recommendations.

    ECP stock Denso IK20. They have been my choice for quite a few years.
  2. A8 Wiper mechanism

    A new motor was 174 quid from Audi. I found out the hard way.
  3. Audi S8/A8 D2 supercharger!!!!!

    What charger are you going to use, centrifugal or screw/roots? I have a Powerdyne BD11 which I've been planning to put on for quite some time. It doesn't seem like there's a lot of space for a big centrifugal under there, even with a stepper for the belt. The positive displacement route seems quite a lot simpler.
  4. Poor hot starting on my A8 4.2

    I had this as well. New CTS fixed it. 16 quid from GSF IIRC.
  5. Removing the Boot Lid carpet

    There are screws covered in fibre of the same colour as the carpet. Look very closely and you should see them. You need to undo all of them(about 15), the two screws holding the plastic handle, take the warning triangle off, then there are two 10mm IRRC nuts holding the bracket. After that you need to slide the carpet out of the two clips next to the warning triangle bracket and it comes off.
  6. New member question on exhausts for an S8

    I think you were taken for a ride by the RR operator. Feel free to prove me wrong with plots though. It's always interesting to see which parameter was "corrected" to get the sales figures.
  7. New member question on exhausts for an S8

    Are you sure the claim was not 25bhp? 25% is impossible from just an exhaust and a remap.
  8. No squeal at all Ska, not a sausage. TRW actually appear to be pretty good quality compared to the Lucas ones from ECP. I didn't need the pads, just saw that the price was good so decided to put a bid on. I'm glad that someone on the forum got them.
  9. So it was you outbidding me then. I'm not sure what the difference in the part number is but they look correct for the facelifts. I changed mine last weekend with TRW ones from GSF after ECP supplied me with the only set they had and they were for prefacelifts.
  10. Windscreen Wipers

    The wipers are 22" (curved passanger side one requires a 21" non-curved usually). You can adjust this by moving the wiper arm a few degrees clockwise. It's a 13mm nut off the top of my head.
  11. Opinions and advice on brakes

    I had the same experience with EBC discs on my Cavalier, but things might have changed since then. I was extremely happy with the performance of ATE Power Discs but for some reason ECP don't sell them anymore as they've switched to EBC.
  12. Xenons or not

    They are not xenon plus. I think you need to look inside or switch them on to find out whether they are xenons.
  13. Newbie questions about supercharger

    Lysholm is quite an expensive brand. Try Whipple or Eaton (the twin-screw ones, not Roots-type). Whipple prices don't seem too bad here -> :: Product: Whipple W140-AX Supercharger Head Unit (Black)
  14. Newbie questions about supercharger

    A centrifugal charger would be much easier to fit than a displacement one. You need to be quite handy (or have someone handy) with a TIG welder to make a manifold to put it on.
  15. Newbie questions about supercharger

    It's very interesting to see how they fit the Powerdyne unit. I assume it's a BD11A they are using and that's quite big for the room available.