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  1. Air con stuck on

    I used the air conditioning the other day for the first time this year and it now seems to be on all the time. As there is cold air from the vents, even with the two temps set at Hi. Any ideas ?
  2. Polo 1.4 CL No-one can find the fault

    At last the problem is solved. It was two dodgy followers (hydraulic tappets) on no 4 cylinder, worn concave quite a bit. replaced the lot for £85 Sounds good now. bloody shame the garages couldn't have found that with their plug in gadgets.
  3. Polo 1.4 CL. 5 door hatchback APQ engine 1999 35,000 miles Problem Bad tick over and smells rich Only doing 25 miles to the gallon Plug black on no 4 cylinder New parts Plugs HT leads Distributor cap Rotor arm Throttle body Various machines have failed to find the fault, so I took it to VW main dealer in Portsmouth who had it for 10 days and eliminated possible faults with: Ignition system. Fuel system. (injectors and their spray pattern. Fuel pressure) Lambda sensor, emissions Cylinder pressure check done all cylinders, all pass. Including no.4 that also passed leakage test. They could not find what was wrong and wanted to strip the engine to examine the valves. I declined their offer (£££) as I cannot understand how it is a valve issue as it passes a pressure test and there is no noisy tappet to suggest error in no.4 valve clearance. Any one got any other ideas I could try? Or am I mistaken on the valve issue.
  4. Bad Tick over

    I can't seem to uncover what is wrong with my Polo 1.4cl 2000 34,000 mileage The tick over is erratic but does not cause a problem when driving. I had it checked by a vag device and it showed only showed the throttle body was faulty, replacing that with a new one has made no difference a tall. I have renewed Plugs, HT leads, Rotor cap and air filter. The tick over is lumpey and shows on the rev counter bouncing about erraticly. Please could anyone suggest something else I can try.
  5. Instrument Cluster Failed

    Got it sorted now. Bought one off Ebay eBay UK Shop - Stevens Volkswagen Dismantlers VW BREAKERS USED SPARES PARTS: £19.99 + £8 p&p. Email them the mileage and they find one with closes mileage, they had 10 for sale. Delivered the next day. 7,000 miles less on the clock . Plugged it in and it worked fine, no recoding. what a result
  6. Instrument Cluster Failed

    Thanks for the reply mb Yes, the whole instrument panel fails. If I unplug it for a while then reconnect it it all works again. But after a while it goes off and leaves a few bits of the clock and mileage displays.
  7. Instrument Cluster Failed

    Polo 1.4 CL 2000 My instrument cluster has stopped working. I took it out and checked it over, it still all looks new, the multi pin plug was spotless to. Pluged it back in and it lasted for about five minutes and then just left a few diggits in the clock and milege windows. I read that this was a common fault on these in the cold weather, (which it when it started). Does any one have an idea as to what part fails on the board, and how to remove the circuit board from it's face as it seams the needles need to be pulled off. which I am not sure is right. As I can see the back of the board but not the other side where all the components are. Thanks Ken
  8. Reversing lights

    The bulbs and wiring are fine. They did flicker on and off while juggling the the selector past rev. so I am guessing it's a faulty switch but where will it be.
  9. Reversing lights

    A8 1999 2.8 Anyone got any ideas why my reversing lights only work in the summer, a clue to where to look would be a great help.
  10. A8 alarm

    Thanks Oli 18 That was excellent help and really quick response. got to be old battery cels Aruba
  11. A8 alarm

    My 1999 A8 alarm sometime goes off for no reason. does anyone have any ideas why.
  12. Reversing Light Switch

    Any idea where the relay might be. Ill check the earth when its a bit dryer out there. thank you for the guidance. Ken
  13. Reversing Light Switch

    Hi NickGUK Yes it still show R when in reverse and the fuse is ok. and both bulbs are good. The reversing light stopped working about 3 months ago, but there was one time about two weeks ago when they flickered on and off. Regards Ken
  14. Reversing Light

    Hi rhyds Yes the starter inhibitor works ok. I have posted this on the Audi A8 section to, and about to follow the instructions there. Regards ken
  15. Reversing Light Switch

    Thanks NickGUK for the quick reply. I will double check what you have said and report back tomorrow. Regards Ken