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  1. It's just not as usuable as sky+ really. Not difficult but not as good as sky+. Also, I miss the series link thing. The Humax lets you set a regular record time either daily or weekly but you're screwed if a program changes time.
  2. I've got the Humax 9200T. It's not bad. Not a patch on Sky+ (which the ex got to keep!).... but pretty good none the less. It's 160GB so maybe more than you want and fairly pricy compared to some others but I've not had any problems with it. Had a Sagem one for about a week. Probably the biggest pile of poo I've had the misfortune to use in my life! Completely unreliable and unintuative. Needless to say... I took that back! Mark
  3. Its getting easier.

    Yeah, that's great to hear mate. Hopefully I'll be able to feel like that soon!
  4. Filed for divorce today, ouch.

    [ QUOTE ] Remember those great memories are still great memories and should stay that way for the rest of your life. NOW....................time for you to start making some great memories for the future in your new life [/ QUOTE ] Now those are the wisest words I've heard in a long time, I'm going to remember that while I go throught this hard time too. Thanks Soulboy
  5. Wife has now left.

    [ QUOTE ] I hate the atmosphere of playing happy families when you know things aint right, just wish it would sort out eitherways. [/ QUOTE ] I hear you mate, I couldn't stand pretending with the people I care for and love... in that respect things are a bit of a relief. My thoughts are with you and all the others who are in this situation. Feel free to PM me any time, it'll do us both good!
  6. Wife has now left.

    It's good to hear you still get on really well. I'm hopeing (and confident) that we can do the same. We were best friends before we got together and I really think that we could get on better than we have for some time when we're not a couple. We're going to have to see eachother for years to come, after all, we have a child together and after all this time we share the same friends. I know it will be awkward for us and other people but I've no doubt things will get easier. It's going to be so hard for me because I still love her to bits and I'm sure I always will feel some love for her but I have to accept the situation, move on and live some of my dreams which I wasn't prepared to do when I was financially risking the future of both of us.
  7. Wife has now left.

    You're right, I do know what the people on here are like and how much support they can offer. Like you say I've been a member for a very long time (and a certain other forum before this). I've always been more of lurker round here, I don't really know why, I just have been. But I'm really starting to realise what this place can offer me. It's really good to hear someone say that I've got my priorities right, it means a lot mate.
  8. Wife has now left.

    Thanks for the sympathy guys, it's such a tough time, but I do know I'll get through it. So far this is fairy amicable and we are going to split my daughters time 50/50 between us which I know will be the best thing for her. It's going to hit me hard because I only work 3 days a week so spend four solid days with her at the moment, but I'm going to have to go back full time for financial reasons. I just want to wind the clock forwards so it's all sorted, or backwards to better times.
  9. Gutted feel sick and had no sleep

    [ QUOTE ] Dont bother with RELATE. Absolute pot luck if you get an ex-divorcee thats not a man-hater. [/ QUOTE ] I don't think that's really fair, my (limited) experience has been quite different. It's not really on telling someone not to bother with councelling when it might be the best thing they ever did.
  10. Wife has now left.

    I'm there too. It's good (in a way) to know you're not alone and there are others feeling the same. My wife told me she didn't love me any more on Tuesday night. I knew it was coming but it was the worst moment of my life. I've been a mess ever since, I have never cried so much. I can't stand the thought of life without her, I'll miss her so much. We're still living in the same house, which is very wierd because things feel very "normal". Separate beds though which I'm finding very tought. I am going to find somewhere to rent ASAP, I need to get away. It's good to hear from some of you guys that there is life after marriage, it just doesn't feel that way right now. We have a two year old daughter which makes things far more difficult and complicated, but at least I can focus on what is most important, my daughter's happiness.
  11. Broadband Speed?

    I don't know if this helps, but I live about a mile and a half from my exchange too, so I guess if your exchange can support 2Mb there's a good chance you can get it.
  12. Broadband Speed?

    [ QUOTE ] Have you run a speed test? I had a mate who was on a 2MB package, until he re-read that it was called "Upto 2MB", and he was only getting 1.1MB) [/ QUOTE ] Well, you had me worried there but I did a speed test and I'm pretty much running at 2Mb. Just goes to show the BT thing lies about what speed you can get!
  13. Broadband Speed?

    [ QUOTE ] Cheers Sparky [ QUOTE ] Our initial test on your line indicates that you may be able to have an ADSL broadband service that provides 1Mbps, 512Kbps or 256Kbps download speed. However due to the length of your line the 1Mbps service may require an engineer visit who will, where possible, supply the broadband service. [/ QUOTE ] Looks like I'm sticking with 1Mb [/ QUOTE ] Just tried that for my phone number.... got exactly the same message.... BUT, I've got 2Mb broadband. Figure that one out! So, don't give up!
  14. sony ericsson w800i

    I've got a V600i and on mine it defaults to recording video for Multimedia messages and therefore limits the size. When in the video settings I can change the "Shoot Mode" to "High Quality Video" then you can record pretty much what you like (memory permitting). Hopefully this is similar on yours. Cheers
  15. Listers Audi and chipping

    Well, Listers Audi in Coventry have had Revo leaflets on their service reception desk for a good few months now. Dunno if that means anything.