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  1. Service indicator won't reset??

    Hi All, My 1998 z3 went into BMW today for an oil service. The service indicator had 4 bars on it but as I do very low mileage I thought I would have the service done anyway. When it came back the mechanic said he couldn't reset the service indicator because it had 4 bars on it. Is this correct? I thought a reset was a reset?? Anyone else had this problem? Cheers Steve
  2. Hello, I have a 1998 Z3. I have just noticed the passenger door is not locking or unlocking using the central locking key fob. When I manually lift the door lock pin up and down it works fine (also unlocking the drivers door as I guess they are both linked??) Any help would be appreciated on this one. Thanks Steve
  3. Alarm problems on my Z3 - PLEASE HELP

    Hello. I am the proud owner of a 1998 z3 1.9. I went to set my alarm today and both doors locked as normal but the boot (hood) didn't. I can lock the boot with the key but not remotely. I don't know how long this has been like that but I feel sure it used to work ok. The remote key should lock both doors and the boot. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Steve