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  1. '03 Golf R32 in Black

    Im shocked and appalled! 1.) I do not! I drive like driving miss daisy unfortunately 2.) No it was Soho. But seriously, is there a stain? its not there in "real life" so not sure if the camera used was one of those that highlights bodily fluids at crime scenes.
  2. '03 Golf R32 in Black

    Car is now sold
  3. Another 6463 Update Problem

    It has full vwsh but changed hands during first 3 years between 2 VW garages. Will chase both up but as im in Cardiff and they are in Midlands it might be easier just pay for one of local places to do it
  4. Another 6463 Update Problem

    well VW UK say they are free to charge as not under warranty - also said its chassis number specific etc etc which is irrelevant as no one has asked for mine in any correspondence yet! I do have warranty from Warranty Direct but not sure if worth it over £75 as if you claim in first 6 months they get you to pay those 6 months upfront apparently... Will try other dealers in Bridgend and other areas. Mine is a 03 model and do get that hesitation (not massively evident but definately there) and like mentioned i bet this is more so in summer.
  5. Another 6463 Update Problem

    If they would have maybe seemed knowledgeable about it and stated they had it there then i might be tempted! But i get the impression they dont know what it is and i could find myself booking it in and then being told they dont have it.
  6. Another 6463 Update Problem

    Found out via vagcom that my r32 doesnt have the 6463 update so contacted local VW dealer (Cardiff) and was told that it would cost £75+vat to have the ECU update put on my car They didnt even know about it, so dont know if they even have the CD with the update to actually carry out the work. Going to try a few more local dealers but im assuming majority will be like this Anyone had the update done in South Wales area? also is it worth contacting VW about this?
  7. Overheating R32

    Forgot to follow this up - got the thermostat changed and all is well 1000 miles later
  8. Overheating R32

    today was odd in that i was showing a mate the problem but for 30mins hard driving when warm it didnt occur? Then 10mins into journey 30mins later it did, this time escalating quite quickly towards red zone. On close inspection it appears the lower rad hose is stone cold even when its overheating so im thinking either a stuck thermostat (or intermittent fault with it) or a blocked radiator. Will test radiator tomorrow by removing hoses and getting hose to push water through. Got new thermostat but its a real bad position to do myself so will take it in to get garage to do it.
  9. Overheating R32

    [ QUOTE ] When mine started getting hot (and over heated),It was faulty cooling fans. [/ QUOTE ] James, was it the low speed problem or something else? Did you pick up on them being faulty or was it dealer/garage? As mine did have low speed problem but that was fixed recently after it started overheating so now low speed works as well as high speed
  10. Overheating R32

    cheers JasT, found a link to that and will download when get home Thermostat next step for me, after that solutions kinda out of my remit
  11. Overheating R32

    well replaced the coolant temp sensor and flushed and replaced coolant too. Still the same Next stop is thermostat, then delving into possibly water pump?
  12. Overheating R32

    loads of posts but no pics! anyone got one handy? Just need to confirm where it is so i can follow the guide
  13. Overheating R32

    right well ive got the new coolant temp sensor will have a search to see if there is a pic of it
  14. Overheating R32

    Need some help with my MK4 R32 End of last week after about a 40min commute in some traffic the car temp went slightly over the 90 degree mark. Everytime i got stuck in crawling traffic it would start to raise slightly but then ease down once the car was moving and cold air was being drawn in. I took it to a VW specialist who put it on the vagcom and there were no errors, he said he drove it around and then left it running for about 45mins at 90 degrees but didnt move. Car had been fine temp wise but i did have the low speed fan problem in that there were no low speed fans. So i got the Tamer fix from ukmkiv.net and fitted that Monday which solved the fan issue. They now work fine at low speed. Thought this would cure the overheating but after a few trips yesterday (mix of 1hr driving and various stops) when i pulled onto driveway to park up it was over the 90 degree mark again. Turned it off and let it cool for about 2hrs before i had to pop out, when i did - after around 15mins driving later - and it was creeping over again. I had to turn around infact as started to climb very high as seen in pic below http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y129/jimmyca69/P120208_1515.jpg The high speed fans were kicking in at that speed and also when i stopped and turned engine off but ign on - as i understand they should? so both low and high speed fans working but something isnt right. A few things have been mentioned to me, the Coolant temperature sensor, the thermostat, temp sender, the coolant fan control module and also to bleed the coolant system. Apart from air block, if any of these were faulty wouldnt vagcom pick up an error code? It baffles me how it can work fine for so long but then start to creep up after a while. Im going to try and get a new coolant temp sensor as they easy to replace apparently and then bleed the system. Will also try and get a new thermostat or at least get the old one out and use the hot water test to check it works. But a few questions hopefully somewhere can answer Where is the thermostat located and how easy is it to remove? Where is the coolant temp sensor located? Any help greatly appreciated as im tearing my hair out.