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  1. Locked out of my Navigation Plus system

    Worked a treat. Thanks a lot. Dave
  2. Locked out of my Navigation Plus system

    Thanks very much. will try that later.
  3. HI there. I'm new here but was directed from another audi forum I use. I own a 2001 RS4 avant and I recentley had some repairs done. When I came to turn on the stereo it was locked as the battery had been removed, so I go to my service history and get the code but the unit says it's "LOCKED" I can't enter a code. Nothing moves. Anyone got any ideas what i can do to reset the unit? I own VAG-COM and have been into the radio settings to see if there is a reset function. All I can see is a reprogram button that makes my rapidly feel like I've run out of knowlegde! It's an RNS 5.1 system. Any help would be great Cheers Dave.