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    opel kadett gte restored by me now sold link below
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  1. Opel Kadett Coupe GTE...

    try Welcome to the Opel Kadett C Community Pages and Forum! lots off kadetts on there!
  2. F.S dension gateway 100 a8/s8 d2

    sorry dont check on here very often now cars gone, ive listed the unit on ebay, will post link tomorrow, thanks
  3. F.S dension gateway 100 a8/s8 d2

    £55 posted
  4. removed from my car hardly used, comes with mounting cradle, easy fitted new these are around £127 plus post looking for £60 posted thanks
  5. 8.5j or 9j

    i see that the d2 was fitted with 8.5j 20" alloys, but 9j as fitted to d3 models seem a lot easier to find, will fitting the 9j cause any problems especially with the 275 tyres?
  6. A better reason to join?

    not to far from me then, i am in ilkeston, and have been putting off getting me gearbox serviced for a year now, it does change fine but did not trust audi with it or want to try telling a trained mechanic how to do his job, might give him a try!
  7. anybody got a spare set off standard 20" alloys that they fancy selling,or even singles,not too bothered on condition, cheap? thx aly to fit d2 2002 car
  8. Bbs split rims..what width on s8 d2?

    well done, get some pictures up so we all can droll over them, what you got planned for you old set?
  9. A8 Navigation problem

    I'm sure someone will be along to answer you question, lots of experts here Is it defo DVD disc and not a cd
  10. I had mine done last month, 2002 s8, got done along side service,
  11. Service computer

    Had Audi service my 2002 s8 last month, I changed from variable to fixed, and they have reset it to 10000 untill next service. Well I've covererd 600 miles and service indicator is down to 6800 untill next service, I know it depends on driving style, I use car mostly for work which is ten miles each way and mainly open roads, I mostly drive at speed limits and 50 on motorway due to road works. Looks like I will be needed another service in 1200 miles,
  12. Suspension Linkage change

    Group buy would be nice, if there was more savings to be had, looking for some myself
  13. Any experience of Amersham Audi?

    I had one cv boot changed at Audi, Part cost £23 and a hour @ £60 plus vat. Also been quoted £315 to do my rear caliper so that's about right,
  14. welcome to the new year!!!!!

    hi, sounds like my start to a8 ownership, had oil leak from gearbox then pulled off my lower front bumper, looked a right mess and really peeved me off, now 6 months latter and 6000 miles i still love it, its all about keeping on top of all the little niggly jobs. enjoy
  15. a.w.o.l

    it has been dreadfully quite, i am working nights and need to keep my self busy, so reading tyresmoke helps, so heres what ive been up to this week, went up to scotland in the s8 340 miles 23.9 mpg, on the way up and a massive 26 mpg back home. car went in to audi for service, i had them change it to fixed rather than avs, i also had cv boot replaced, all in for £311 not to bad i thought. had them quote for spare key £165 and i need rear brake caliper £350. also had some warrenty work done on the gearbox selector.