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  1. Octavia Vrs faults

    Car running same as normal, seems like an expensive fix as it's running OK.
  2. Octavia Vrs faults

    Hi, I've had and engine management light and EPC light come up on my dash, dealer tells me I need a new ECU. Has anyone else experienced this ? Car is a 2006 Octavia Vrs petrol. Luckily it's covered under warranty. Cheers Paul
  3. Audi B7 S4 / A4 Hatchbag for sale

    Forgot to mention that this bootliner will fit all A4 avants from 2001 to 2008. thanks
  4. B7 S4 Avant for sale

    Now Sold.
  5. Having sold my S4 I now have a Hatchbag bootliner for sale. This covers the whole boot and back of seats, it also comes with a bumperflap and an extra piece to protect the top of the seats should you remove the cover cartridge. It is black and in my view has been a brilliant investment. This retails at £101 on the hatchbag website. I am open to sensible offers. Thanks Paul
  6. B7 S4 Avant for sale

    Priced dropped to sell. Now Offers around £21000.
  7. My 2006 Black Magic Skoda Octavia vRS

    Test drove one yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised and impressed by all aspects of he car, great engine, great interior and also not a bad looker (beauty is in he eye of the beholder, I suppose!) I will definately be getting one once I have sold my S4. Thanks for the info. Paul
  8. B7 S4 Avant for sale

    Forgot to add that the car comes with a comprehensive parts and labour warranty until May 2011 (All work can be carried out at any Audi dealer) Audi : B7 S4 Avant for Sale Cheers Paul
  9. Selling my S4

    The time has come to sell my S4, i am sad to be getting rid of it but need something a bit more economical to allow me to fund a second car. My add is in the general marketplace and at Audi : B7 S4 Avant for Sale if anyone is interested pleas PM me. Cheers Paul
  10. My 2006 Black Magic Skoda Octavia vRS

    Nice looking motor, I am looking to buy a VRS estate and was wondering what they are like to live with day to day. Sorry to hijack the forum. Paul
  11. B7 S4 Avant for sale

    Looking at selling my 2006 B7 S4 avant. It's in Phantom black manual with 39000 miles, I am the 2nd owner and it is in excellent condition. Spec includes. Black silk nappa leather, cruise, Bose, light pack, mats back and front, symphony 2 6 cd player, spare alloy, front arm rest, carbon piano inlays and all the usual S4 spec. The car has 4 nearly new tyres and has recently had it's 2nd AVS, next one due in 15000 miles, MOT is due at the end of march 2010 and the tax runs until the end of the month. I am looking for £22000 I will post some photos later. Paul
  12. Bloody Kids

    Thanks for the replys chaps, I'll get hold of some clips before I start ripping the back seats up. Cheers Paul
  13. Bloody Kids

    Hi all, My kids have prbably dropped about £50 worth of change down the seatbely hole in the back seat of my B7 S4 avant, they were not bothered about this! but have now lost their nintendo DS stylus's down there as well and want them back. Does anyone know how to get the back bench up so that i can retrieve my money and their stylus's? I could buy them some new stylus's but am enjoying seeing them miserable !!!!! Paul
  14. Realistic discount on new S4

    I spec'd an avant up yesterday and it came to £45000 ! so i think Ill be waiting for a few months to see what nearly new 2nd hand ones come up for. I also saw one on the approved used website for £49000 - I love my S4 but just can't see how the (better) new one is worth the best part of 50 grand once spec'd to a reasonable standard. Mind you, used S4s and RS4s values seem to be creeping up. Paul