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  1. Hi, Autoglym do a cabrio restoring kit which acts as a water repellant for the roof. The usual places for the roof to cause problems is the drain points getting blocked at the top of windscreen surround.
  2. S8 TV - help

    RNS-D above, newer RNS-E below, but with a 2002 car it will be a D
  3. S8 TV - help

    Definitely due to the analogue tuner. Not sure what options there are to upgrade, if your car has an RNS-D you may be able to get a digital tuner to work with it... or the other option is to ugrade to the later RNS-E and get a digital tuner for that.
  4. ATF Multitronic Oil

    I dont understand what you're getting at... Are you saying that them not doing the oilchange will invalidate the warranty or you changing the oil will invalidate it? If the latter how the hell are they going to know you've changed the gearbox oil. If the first you have it in writing they serviced the car to Audi's spec. You seem to be worrying about nothing seeing as you are changing the oil, either way you can prove the oil change.
  5. Craig, just out of interest would the S-line one fit an A5?
  6. wheel spacers - advice needed

    You've answered your own question, if you need 5mm then anything over that (within reason) will be fine. You can get 10mm ones and you'll definitely need longer bolts. These for example, not cheap though.... and thats only two. H&R Wheel Spacers - Discount Prices at Motorsport World
  7. Which oil for 2002 A4 2.5 TDi

    I love these random insights into the past :D Have one from me as well.
  8. New s line bumper needed!!

    All B7 S-line fronts are identical
  9. New s line bumper needed!!

    Ebay or breakers yards are your friend....
  10. Oil in intercooler and using lots?

    If theres oil in the intercooler I'd be very surprised if it wasn't the turbo that was fubarred.
  11. Warrant Direct Cover - will it cover roof

    Can I suggest you're better off asking them for the definitive answer.
  12. Question (Peugeot 308)

    You could if it wasn't electric power steering What's the reg date of the car? There's a recall for a steering fault on cars manufactured between 11/10/2009 to 12/11/2009
  13. Hi all, I have a set of good quality RS4 reps which I'm not using any more as the dealer wanted the standard wheels back on my old A4 Cab when I p/ex'd it... sooo... 4 off 8x18" RS4 5x112PCD 57.1mm centre bore ET42. Will fit B6 & B7 A4 and also 8P A3 although they are right on the outer limit of the arches on the front on A3. May also fit later A6's but unsure. The wheels are 5 years old but have been well looked after, they have a few minor marks commensurate with age but no major curb bashes or any cracks or other damage. They have 235/40 18 Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetrics fitted, all are legal and evenly worn but low tread, 2 or 3mm at the very max. These would be perfect for someone looking for a set of winter wheels and they come with OEM Audi centre caps. Would prefer local collection please, am in Poole Dorset. Looking for £200 ono please.
  14. A5 Cab wheel sizes

    As above, Et28 is standard on the cab. Not sure whether the ones you menion will rub due to being further under the arches. I cant work out what Audi have done here as the A4 B8 and A5 are the same chassis but use considerably different offsets. been looking for a set of 17's for winter myself without much luck so interested in the outcome if you get them.
  15. Thanks, any idea how long it should take before they are all downloaded?