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  1. 'Crazy Dave Coulthard'

    Was his first "appearance" in issue 62 - Sniff Petrol issue 62
  2. The proper Sniff for August is here

    Yeah - we're still here! Some of us were still there in the "dark days" of the blog format...
  3. June Sniff

    Following on from "slippery as a Mosley", has anyone heard all the kerfuffle about Brundle's comments? BBC NEWS | Magazine | How offensive is the word 'pikey'? Particularly enjoying the Troy Queef section, which exudes ridiculousness and manages to take the mick out of everything I dislike about motoring journalism in an intelligent manner. I tried summing up the character of Troy Queef but then edited my post. To me, he just epitomises someone who believes he has made it yet appears faintly desperate when you meet him. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, and I should get some work done (I'm a skiving IT worker, which I seem to remember this forum was explicitly targeted in Old Skool Sniff Petrol) but he's quite a complex character actually... Nice one.
  4. New Old Sniff Petrol

    Just to say that I quite liked elements of both Old Skool and Web 2.0 bloggery versions, but it has always remained amusing and thanks for the latest edition - very amusing indeed!
  5. Stop the Cock - Now's our chance!

    [ QUOTE ] Oh my good man no, no and again, no. Allen simply has to go. The only way I could countenence his appearance on the Beeb would be to use him to help launch the race by having him spreadeagled above the grid, and as the lights go out have Charlie Whiting ram a hot poker into his rear - "And the XXXX Grand Prix is GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" [/ QUOTE ] Yes, which is why I retracted my earlier comments. I could of course edit them retrospectively but then that would just make us look like plonkers who don't read threads and posts. I wasn't recommending that Louise Goodman actually go to BBC (although I quite like the idea of Vicky Butler-Henderson in the pit lane) but just pointed out that I'm not sure what anyone else would ask. [ QUOTE ] Anchor position I think will likely be Richard Hammond, which while I am not wild on could be OK. James Allen could be replaced by Peter Windsor, teamed with Brundle ofc. Louise Goodman, well I am unsure that she warrants replacement to be honest, maybe give that job to Kravitz. [/ QUOTE ] Presumably this was printed in some quality paper last weekend. Richard Hammond fronting the F1 coverage? I think not. I really like him on TG, and his book, which I am currently reading, is interesting, but I get the feeling he probably doesn't care too much about F1. I seem to vaguely recall an episode of TG when Jeremy Clarkson was talking about Sunday afternoons and how he falls asleep in front of the Grand Prix and Richard Hammond commented that it was no surprise, or similar. I have absolutely no idea what the TG team do when they're not on screen (except for some script editor writing "orangey-based lame gaggery"...), but presumably they're filming lots of things, so is he not going to be a bit busy to front the coverage? I'm not a big fan of the race build-up in general, but I do like Brundle's grid walkabout. I especially like it when he comes face to face with some celebrity and has no idea what to ask them, as though he has no idea why they are there - Brundle is far more interested in getting to the drivers, which must be a tough job just before a race. Incidentally, does Brundle still manage DC?
  6. Stop the Cock - Now's our chance!

    Um, yeh, Australia was possibly a blip for Allen (he was less annoying), and I did feel for him after the mauling on BBC 606. But I watched the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend and I retract my earlier comments. In the end I had to watch the highlights as I couldn't stand it, and even then I decided not to listen to the commentary. Sorry James Allen, but I think the public have spoken....
  7. Stop the Cock - Now's our chance!

    Can we hope that Brundle stays though? I personally like his commentary; you can almost hear him sighing in desperation at the beginning of each grand prix as Allen screams across another "red lights out" moment... And yet... and yet (*cowers in corner* for fear of flaming) I can't help but feel a touch sorry for Allen. I've just read the comments on the BBC's 606 and some of them are downright full of hatred and vitriol, and not just towards Allen. I'd like to gently point out to him that we don't all enjoy his commentary, and perhaps he could change his style (maybe to "near silent") or let Brundle be the main commentator - I don't understand why Allen feels the need to fill every spare second with comments, and thus we get the feeling that Brundle is sidelined. I know Goodman's interviews have as much depth as Heat magazine, but what else is she supposed to ask a driver who's just stuffed his million-pound-a-go car in the wall other than, "So, how do you feel?" Unless of course you're Crazy Dave and give a truthful answer, which then gets edited out of the rerun. I like Kravitz in the pit lane - he seems to be where the action is most of the time, and sometimes picks up on things more quickly than the lagged team radio we get as viewers. As for fronting the coverage, perhaps I was the only one who liked Jim Rosenthal, but I really can't think at the moment who I'd like to front it. Besides, I'm supposed to be working.