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  1. m sport coupe v se hatch ride quality

    Hello Mr man.Funny enough thats where my mind had gone!!!Interesting your in an A3.Because im thinking a big car like that would take some getting used to after my little go kart(did drive mercedes vans years ago)Thinking about the many car parks my 25-30 k miles take me. Sounds like your happy enough,wish you luck with it.
  2. m sport coupe v se hatch ride quality

    Thanks Guys,will try one obviously.Think my BMW days may be coming to an end.I want a softer place to be for the miles I do.Trouble is for what they are BMWs diesels for power and economy are as good as it gets ,unless someone can come up with something better.
  3. Mercedes C-Class Coupe

    That'll do me 3ltr diesel ,then I can come away from my Run Flat crashy life.
  4. [Offical] BMW 1 Series M Coupe video

    I wish Alpina would do their thing on the 1 series(no M service costs for a start)
  5. Hi all ,can anyone share the differences in ride between the above.I have a 177bhp auto 120d.SE Seriously thinking of a 123d auto .However have to say I dont like the hard crashy ride of mine doing 25000+ miles a year. There is a guy who seems knowledgable on the piston heads who always says the M sport with bilstein bits and other pieces is better set up for our roads,yet everyone says its a harsher ride,any thoughts ? Cheers Pete