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  1. hey guys whose round is it? lol....ok i took it back to the dealer who said thats how its suppose to sound even though we compared it to another A3 which did not sound the same..he then claimed that the 170 had a bigger turbo than the 140 model hmmmmm thats why the 170 made that sound...i thought the turbos were exactly the same??? anyway i,m taking it Audi to get their take on things the dealer who i bought it off had said that he will replace the turbo if it is confirmed but to be honest i want a refund on the car as i have no confidence left in the car......
  2. no i was not doing 40 in a 30! very funny..i came on here for some serious advice...if i wanted the P*SS taken i could have aasked my mates at the pub for that!! thanks
  3. i was reading in one of the other threads it could be the TURBO? on its way out?
  4. Hey guys sold my a4 quattro avant and thought i would buy a A3 2:0 tdi as it would be cheaper to run, i just bought it a day ago from a dealer, but i when i,m in town i can hear like a police/ambulance siren noise coming from within the car first few times i actually stopped to give way....What is that noise?? and what should i do as i only bought the car a day ago...PLEASE HELP thanks
  5. Cat problem help :-(

    i have a audi 3:00 quattro avant 2002 and its just come out from a service and it needs a new cat .....catalyst 2 does anybody which side that one is passenger or driver and any places where i can get one from as i dont want to get one from the stealers...please help
  6. Audi A4 Avant Error Codes

    thats brilliant, but for the catalyst sensor problems i have changed all the sensors and had the cats checked for emissions and cats emission test came well within tolerance and yet the problem is still there the error code still comes up, with the brake booster vacuum problem my brakes work fine so what could the problem be is it because it might be on its way out???.. Thanks everyone for your help :-)
  7. Audi A4 Avant Error Codes

    Hi guys i have a audi 3:0 Avant Quattro i have had these 2 error codes come up 17887 & 16815 i know 16815 has something to do with the sensors around the cat i think? and 17887 i dont know what it is :-( ( i think it may have something to with a brake booster vacuum pump? does anybody how much one of them costs??? Thanks
  8. Help engine cut out!!!

    hi guys you wouldnt believe what happened it was a bolt that had sheared off from the cam shaft sprocket pulley and the head got lodged in another sprockets gears which broke the teeth and in turn led to valves hitting the pistons its cost me nearly £2700 to put right
  9. Help engine cut out!!!

    it was fine then all of sudden it lost power then the knocking noises from the engine could be heard i managed to drive it about 12 meters it was in the middle of a major roundabout --scary stuff early morning rush hour as well, i got the AA to come out and they towed it to a local garage whom i know and they are going to have a look at it
  10. Help engine cut out!!!

    hi it was a terminal rattling managed to have a quick glance near the cambelt and at the bottom seemed to be oil?
  11. Help engine cut out!!!

    hi guys i have an audi 3.0 quattro sport avant, and was driving along today at around 30mph and the engine light came on and the power cut off and there was knocking noises coming from the engine and then it just cut off completely, i,ve had the car for a year and half and only have covered 7000miles its 66000 on the clock its had a cambelt change from audi in chingford roughly about 1500 miles ago, could it be linked to the cambelt change??
  12. loud bang!!

    hi guys i drive a audi 3.0 quattro avant sport auto, the other day i was driving and i heard this all mighty loud bang, i thought someone had chucked a stone at the car...anyway checked the car for damage ...and there was i checked the air circulation system and when i have it on forward facing the air does not come out from the centre vents but only from the sides, the vents are on open so i checked the fuses and they are all fine, called audi in chingford and they claim it might be a motor on the middle air vents thats gone and they can cost £85 each plus diagnosis blah bah..dose anybody have any idea what it could be? the air stopped coming out from the middle vents after the loud bang....please help before the stealers get me!!!