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  1. Camskill discount code?

    So is there a a discount code?
  2. Halfords: 20% off Castrol Oils

    Not bad but still more expensive than Asda's normal price.
  3. What year and what engine? My first instinct though would be a faulty MAF. Oh and welcome to the forum.
  4. DRL wannabes......foglights to manual

    RR - Have you replaced the complete foglight unit with a DRL unit or have you removed the bulbs from the foglight unit and put LED replacements in?
  5. Audi not interested in speed related issue

    Also each time did they check to see if they did actually need balancing and how far out did they say they were? If they were out of balance each time then I suspect they weren't balanced properly to start with.
  6. What are you planning to do about the handbrake or are you putting the rear calipers on the front and leaving the rears standard?
  7. PCD is different so they won't fit. RS4/6 upgrade is easier and gives similar results.
  8. Only real problems to look out for are rattling wastegates and if it's on 19's check for cracks on the inner rim of the rear wheels and also uneven tyre wear. Personally I would also try to get a 57 plate (MY2008) onwards as they are the efficient dynamic model with associated lower tax. Otherwise though they are great cars.
  9. potential S8 owner!

    No chance. Having owned a '03 Boxster S and an S8 I would expect your mpg would be mid teens in the S8 based on what you get in the 996. You may want to look at a 4.2 A8 instead as the longer gearing means slightly better economy.
  10. My Fiat 500 just detailed

    I had my Fiat 500 detailed by a local guy at the weekend and as he took some photos I thought I may as well post them up.
  11. boxster s drivers floor mat

    RMS is more common but is just usually just a drip-drip leak and doesn't result in engine failure, IMS is the Intermediate shaft and does result in engine failure.
  12. boxster s drivers floor mat

    Engine failure needs looking at by a specialist in this area such as Hartech or Autofarm.
  13. boxster s drivers floor mat

    I think they screw in so not sure how they have gone missing. They come with the mats from dealer not sure if they are sold separately. If you ask on boxa.net someone you might have luck as there have seen people posting to say they have spare ones after buying new mats.
  14. boxster s drivers floor mat

    You should also have velcro circles on the floor of the car for the mats to stick to.
  15. Mi5 rs6 500bhp+ on ebay what do you think?

    810mm front discs? That's over 30", how do they fit behind 19" wheels?