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  1. MK Meet - Weds 3rd July

    See you there - time the A8 had a run
  2. MK Meet - Weds 5th June

    Hi Ian Plan to be at the meet. If it is not raining I may bring the SL 500. It will be the first time that it has been out this year. It is now 29 years old and has been in the garage on a battery maintainer for the last 6 months. Nevertheless, I expect it to start on the first turn of the key. Must get it serviced even though it does very few miles each year. See you Wednesday. Richard
  3. 15 years of MK

    Hi Ian Plan to be there. Looking forward to a great steak or, perhaps, their curry platter. Time the A8 had a run - I seem to use the I3 for all local journeys using mostly free electricity from our solar panels.
  4. MK Meet - Weds 1st Aug

    The outside garden will be great. SL500 if hot A8 if cold/wet. See you all there
  5. MK Meet - Weds 2nd May

    Thanks Ian. See you on Wednesday with the update Richard
  6. MK Meet - Weds 6th Sept

    Plan to be there Ian. SL if dry A8 if wet.
  7. MK Meet - Weds 2nd August

    Plan to be there. If it is dry the SL500 will have its first run of the year (apart from MOT). Otherwise it is time the A8 had a run.
  8. MK Meet - Weds 7th Dec

    Looking forward to the meet and it is time the A8 had a run. The I3 is so cheap, easy and pleasant to drive the A8 tends to just sit on the driveway. Should be a good evening. Richard
  9. D3 Gearbox

    Hi Jo, IanC alerted me to your problem which is not quite the same as mine was but I may be able to help. I have sent you a private message with my phone number. Give me a ring and I might be able to help with some info. Richard
  10. Gearbox fluid change

    Hi DaroB, TSB (Audi America) 37 07 07 201302/3 dated 13 Apr 2007 supersedes TSB Group 37 Number07-01 dated 18 Jan 2007. My upgrade was done at Audi Northampton in Aug 2009. I think that the UK TSB may be 2009736/7. The Master Tech was Nigel Bushnell and when I spoke to him last Sep on another matter he remembered doing the flush, fluid change, software upgrade and adaptation. I suggest you get your dealer to speak to him. It completely cured my problem and the car worked perfectly until I sold it in Sep 2013. Be warned the job is not cheap - in Aug 2009 the bill came to £736 of which more than half was the very expensive "Blue Fluid" (16 litres). I now have a D4 4.2 TDi which is even quicker and more economical (quicker than my Porsche 911 Carrera 4 to 60 mph!). Sorry about the delay - I do not check this forum very often because there are so few A8 posts. If you google "A8 hooting noise" you should find some references.
  11. Who Makes Discs for Audi ?

    I think it is Pagid (or at least they are one supplier). I recently changed the front and rear discs on my D3 A8 - Pagid on the back from Europarts and another brand from GSF on the front both excellent quality. Total bill for discs and pads was £238.95. I did the job myself (I have VCDS to retract the rear parking motors). Aud1 wanted over £1100 so saved a tidy sum. My previous D2 S8 had Brembo discs.
  12. MK Meet - Weds 2nd October

    I plan to be there Ian. I have something black that may interest you!
  13. MK Meet - Weds 4th Sept

    I plan to be there but definitely not in the A8 - it is sitting outside my house on blocks whilst the wheels are refurbished! I have just changed both front and rear pads and disks. Straightforward job apart from the 2 bolts which secure the front caliper mounts. They are torqued to 140 ft lbs and take some undoing! Had to call on son, Nik, to undo one of the bolts - he has a long breaker bar which did the trick. Nice to think how much I have saved compared with Audi doing the job!
  14. They are not all like that! I have had my A8 4.0 TDI for over 7 years and it will be 10 years old in October. It still has the original battery and starts normally when standing for over 2 weeks. After over 3 weeks it will have deactivated keyless entry ( as it should ) to protect battery but still unlocks on the remote. It did have the battery management upgrade early in its life recorded in the Service Book. Overall a reliable car; had a gearbox fluid change to the "blue fluid" and associated reprogram of the gearbox ECU to cure a "thump" as the box changed into 2nd gear when coming to a stop. About 3 years ago it went into limp mode.I checked with vagcom/VCDS and it showed an implausible boost pressure reading - cured by simply clearing the fault code. There are alot of high mileage D3 A8s around. I guess we only hear about the cars that have problems.
  15. MK Meet - Weds 3rd July

    See you there. Will be interested to hear about Le Mans.