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  1. Thinking about a used Z4, so.......

    hi Cagey .... I have the exact same vehicle bmw uk specific purchased through main dealer and same price as your being offere but mines 1 yr old now so you should get it a little cheaper than that now but just let me say the colour is the nicest one the spec is top notch and its the best car I have ever had...bag it buddy ;0)
  2. hi Guys I'm the proud owner of a z4si sport auto convertible 07 model and something that has been puzzling me since I got it is what the heck is this used for >>> I'm referring to the small fold down lid/pocket which is on the left hand side of the utility storage bay which drops down and is situated between the seats you know the one it has the phone holder in the middle the penholder on one side and this fold down flap area on the other ,is it used for coins or glasses or what ?..I've tried glasses actually and their too big ,coins just roll about!!! geee does anyone know ,I bet I don't get a confirmed explanation and we end up just guessing on this one ..anyway any help would be much appreciated as it has puzzled me for quite a while now . regards Mike