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  1. Cooper S Works

    Don't you think that a Cooper S should have 210 as standard! Even that only gives it the same power to weight ratio as a Clio 182. I'd up the 210 to 240 and go from there Enjoy the car, it's a nice bit of kit and the seats kinda make it more individual than one without.
  2. Renault 5 Gordini Turbo Alpine

    Drove a Turbo 2 when new and can say it was definitely quicker than a later std GTT which I also ran as my own car. However, being rear engined more of a handful as you'd expect. The Turbo 2 was a contemporary of the 5 Gordini and Gordini Turbo, so a bit of a step up. These were available in the metallic Blue which you couldn't get on the std R5 and also had a deeper front bumper. The 5 Gordini Turbo felt bloody quick in it's day, but I imagine would be quite slow by modern standards!
  3. Clio V6 looking to buy

    Couple of points. IMO the Quicksilver exhaust is too noisy and doesn't really make the car go any quicker (the pops and bangs on trailing throttle are good fun tho) and the Renault pads were mental money when I last checked. I went for Green or Redstuff, one of the two. Black Vees look the nuts too IMO But then again, they all get envious looks out in the real world.
  4. I've fixed this issue doing this. A master reset fixes a multitude of problems also, talk to a good Honda tech.
  5. With the high prices being achieved for the Mugen RR in Japan and the current poor exchange rate, these would cost the equivalent of circa £33000 landed in the UK with shipping, duty and SVA etc. I'll have to see what they are actually advertised for! That's quite a premium over the regular FD2.
  6. Anyone driven the JDM Civic Type R??

    The FD2 is a stunner and certainly makes the DC5 show it's age. Any road saloon that shows a NSX a clean pair of heels on a circuit is going to have to be a road compromise. Happy to have a chat with you about the FD2 if you want to get in touch. Send me a pm sometime.
  7. For future info, I just fitted a new timing chain tensioner to cure this problem which was most evident when the engine was warmed up and left for ten mins. A terrible rattle on idle or sitting in traffic, eminating from the front of the engine. I tried the Internet when trying to diagnose this, hence this thread, which someone may find useful one day. It's a relief to report the job is no biggie and cost £230 incl VAT done by Honda.
  8. Integra DC5 Import or buy in UK?

    Andy at 200bhp is a decent bloke, but so is Mike at Torque GT. I wouldn't import one yourself, I think you would find the Japanese auction system overwhelming. Steve @ allvehicles aka artdealer. Currently without a DC5 in stock unfortunately.
  9. Windscreen chip

    Good point about taking to a branch, also I would be checking a proper job was done if you go for a repair. They often bodge them by not waiting long enough for the glue to seep into the cracks.
  10. Manual 330D - Avoid?

    I'd try and find a similar car (pref and auto) privately* or from a reputable independent as BMW dealers often have much bigger margins to pay for those £7M showrooms! Look around and plot the prices to compare. Unless of course the BMW dealer is having a sale or clearance, I dare say many are stocked up and paying plenty of interest right now. *You can always have an AA/RAC inspection to go with the balance of manufacturers warranty. Happy hunting.