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  1. SHANGHAI (Reuters) -- Volkswagen's car venture in northeast China plans to add a new Audi assembly line capable of producing as many as 140,000 units per year, a company spokeswoman said today. The assembly line, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan ($145 million), is scheduled to start operation in the second half of next year making Audi A4 and Q5 models, the spokeswoman said. Current Audi capacity at the venture with China's FAW Group is 100,000 units, she said. The plant builds Audi's A4 and A6 models, as well as VW's Bora, Caddy, Magotan, Jetta and Sagitar. Last year, China overtook the United Kingdom as Audi's biggest market outside Germany. Audi's Chinese sales grew 24.8 percent to 101,996 units. Read more here
  2. Mitsubishi Motors North America Inc. has named Traffic its new ad agency of record. Traffic, based in Hollywood, Calif., replaces BBDO West, which was awarded the account in March 2005. Traffic is a small startup agency with no auto creative under its belt, but it is co-chaired by Tom Cordner. Corder was co-president of JWT Detroit and worked on the Ford account. He also served on the Lexus account at Team One in Los Angeles. Read more here
  3. Maths

    So funny! And yet so true...
  4. Alfa 156 - Advice please

    Too bad you're not gonna buy a TTS anymore...
  5. Now THAT'S how you market a car!!

    It seems that it took a bit of time to have your car fixed. :D Thanks for the links. _________________________ Calling for brakes Auto Parts hunting at Autopartswarehouse.com
  6. Motorway speeds

    I agree with kite. it's all in the traffic flow and conditions. You can't drive too fast too if it's raining or there's snow. ________________________ Calling for brakes Auto Parts hunting at Autopartswarehouse.com
  7. Ferrari 430 spider F1

    Are you done yet? Where are the pics.?
  8. Blimey

    I'll have one if only I could afford... ______________________________ Calling for brakes! Autopartswarehouse.com rocks Autopartswarehouse.com rules
  9. Newbie here

    Hello everyone! I just joined. I hope everything and everyone's cool here. See you all around!
  10. Incosiderate Drivers

    hmmm... I think you're just really pissed off. Relax
  11. Drink driver in a Range Rover sport

    Whoa! I thought what you're trying to point at in your post is that the driver is drunk. But then you focused more on the car! Whew! Tsk tsk. tsk. BAD... ______________________________ Calling for brakes! Autopartswarehouse.com rocks Autopartswarehouse.com rules
  12. TSN Car Stickers of Joy

    Car stickers? COOL! Why are they called "stickers of joy", anyway?