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  1. Speed cameras in France

    lol nice observation, he's right though, he will get another ticket for that. I think they'll let it go, any update from him? _____________________
  2. Audi S2 - Advice and opinions please

    how much are you willing to spend for a car? is this you're only option? ______________________
  3. Aussie R36 Wagon Review

    most reviews are sponsored by the company it was produced. maybe soon they'll have a good one. Your post is very hopeful,, nice! _____________________ Autopartswarehouse offers great deals!
  4. Which one? With a difference

    no.4, Its the most practical choice. Maybe you can save more for other preferences, soon there will be a lot more on the market, specially on 2010, many will come out on that year. _________________________ BMW parts blogs and infos.
  5. M5 prices are dropping!

    I have been wondering why the BMW 7 series are depreciating faster than others? The M5 seem to be in good shape, that's a good buy. ____________________
  6. FWD cars: Why do people...

    people who does that are either not practical or are too safe. You got a point with what say, but we cannot blame them on buying expensive ones for their rear tires because they want it to be safe. All i can say is that if we are going to be practical, as you suggest, then we should also be a responsible driver to avoid accidents. ____________________ Autopartswarehouse.com offers great deals!
  7. New BMW 7!!

    BMW 7 series rocks! it is both a luxury and sport car. Why do the 7 series depreciate fster than the 3 & 5 series? is it the marketability of the car? ____________________ Autopartswarehouse.com offers great deals!
  8. DC to retire at the end of the F1 Season

    He had a good run, he has lot of experience and can definitely be a great help to the team. will there be a replacement? _____________________ Autopartswarehouse.com offers great deals!
  9. Lincoln Town Car - Worst Car ever invented?

    New york people are very loyal when it comes to their own! lol! Quite n eye you have! it surely looks like the cab and police cars! are these the same as of the limos? ______________________ Autopartswarehouse offers great deals!
  10. Police told to target drivers....

    "the quota-based approach would further damage relations with the public." It will surely did, but if the rule will be handled well i don't think there will be a problem. The rule has a purpose, hopefully it could be done well. ____________________ Autopartswarehouse offers great deals!
  11. Quick and simple polish of my Skoda...

    nicely done. At least now it looks new. Cleaning takes a lot of time and effort, but definitely worth it! Congrats! its as good as new. _____________________ Autopartswarehouse offers great deals!
  12. Clay...

    Clay is not a cure-all or a replacement for polishing. It's a tool for quickly and easily removing surface contamination.One of the many reasons for using clay is the removal of brake dust. Brake dust contamination, which attaches to painted rear bumpers and adjoining surfaces, is a metallic surface contaminant that can be removed safely and effectively by using clay. Clay is also very effective on paint over-spray. If the over-spray is particularly heavy, you may want to seek the assistance of a professional. Tree sap and tar specks can also be safely removed with a clay bar. Recently, I have also started using clay on my windows (exterior) to remove heavy road film, bug deposits and water spots. It works very well, and seems to outperform even the best window cleaners. HOW DOES DETAILING CLAY WORK? I frequently see detailing clay marketing information that reads something like this: “…clay pulls contamination off of your paint...” This statement sounds pretty ridiculous when you realize that you must lubricate the surface you’re claying. How in the world do you pull on something that’s wet and slippery? This myth was born from a fear of telling people the truth. Clay is an abrasive paint care system. Yet used properly, detailing clay is not abrasive to your car’s paint; it is abrasive to paint contamination. Detailing clay formulation determines the optimal function of the clay and its potential to do damage when used improperly. As an example, professional grade clay that’s designed to remove paint overspray is very firm and contains abrasives equivalent to heavy rubbing compound. Used properly it will remove heavy overspray without damaging the paint. Used improperly, it can leave some pretty significant surface marring. That’s why it’s a professional product. Most consumer grade detailing clays are designed to be used as an annual or semi-annual paint maintenance tool prior to polishing and waxing. At this frequency, these detailing clay products work great. Simply use the clay as part of your major detailing regimen. The problem we were beginning to see is that many car enthusiasts wanted to clay their vehicles frequently; as often as monthly. At this rate of use, some consumer grade detailing clay can begin to dull clear coat finishes. After all, it is an abrasive! - autopia-care.com ________________________ Autopartswarehouse.com offers great deals!
  13. 330Ci Roadtrip

    patience is a virtue!! nice one, did you do it yourself? _____________________ High heels on wheels.
  14. Headlight bulbs

    saw this bright white lights. i'm not sure if there the one called xenon? or the yellow one.
  15. Try checking your computer box and idle control, or have your regular change oil or some sort. _______________ Volvo Air Filter