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  1. Polo Heater Blows Cold

    Hello I have a 1998 Polo 1.4 - and the heater only blows cold. Started a few days ago. Was stuck in traffic, car started getting a little hot so I put the heater flat out to try and cool it. got home, noted that coolant was alittle low, topped up all fine. ONly the heater blows cold!? Opertaing temp is normal, no issues, got a new Thermostat about 4 weeks ago.. any ideas? Can I bleed air from the heater somewhere? could it be the heater knackered? Thanks anyone!
  2. Pollen Filters

    Are you sure hp.. I thought these are the 2 filters underside of the bonnet, easily removed by twisting the retainer and popping new ones in..
  3. Hot Tech Tips and How To's

    as can an overflowing Air con condensator tray - which has outlets behind the firewall carpets (little orange trumpets) - although you will notice this when the passenger has water dripping on their feet in a corner! There are we have discovered 4 places of main concern for wet carpets - the rear bulkhead drains (back of the wheel arches), the cowl drains (under the airbox - the ones you can't see), the aircon drains, and finally there is in alot of cases an unfilled 'hole' under the ECU tray on the left (as you sit) of the engine bay. Although that is a tricky one to rectify and requires the tray coming out. Search for dampness, drains, etc and you will find a million posts, and useful info on Audipages.com
  4. My car is massive!

    you need to get onto A8 parts and get some park sensors retro's on :-) Don't worry, you get used to it and will soon be throwing it around car parks
  5. A8 tick over

    did this really improve things for you.. Mine doesn't stall, but I was wondering if my TB needing a spruce may be the cause of any of the annoying throttle judders and weird low throttle symptoms you know I have.. Must be worth a shot..
  6. Misfire came out of the blue! HELP!

    Whose replacing all the Cam covers.. badly!! Surely they shouldn't leak that much when replaced. or so soon anyway. I'd agree with ska, anything 'foreign' down the plug holes tends to make the car run bad - teh plugs overheat. Are they brown where the white ceramic joins the hex/nut part of the plug? good sign they have overheated. I had plug recess's full of oil until replacing the cam cover gaskets - so I know this joy only too well SKA - couldn't resist the old see how clean my covers are shot :-)))
  7. Cambelt change in Northwest/North Wales

    under £300 for the lot
  8. ABS and ESP lights on together?

    pull them out, wipe with a rag, put them back. Job done!
  9. Type of Gearbox oil

    Ensure they change the Strainer, Oil, Pan Gasket AND O RING!! - there are plenty of posts about issues if this isn't done!! Check they have done A8's before, and know what they are doing.. Sounds obvious but it will avoid you potential issues later. i.e. changing 5 litres of oil as thats all that drained out, isn't an oil change..
  10. Cambelt change in Northwest/North Wales

    I've asked Martin about mine (ok its a 2.8) and while he does mainly things with RS written on them, he has quoted a pretty good price. And nearer to me than the other place I had found in Coventry.
  11. Lighter socket (+12v)

    Glad to have saved some ripping. Useful device for turning my DVD player off when my son falls asleep on long journeys I leave my FM Modulator plugged in all the time, and to be honest its an extra red light in the darkness = looks like a security device! So I leave it. Its not going to run the battery down as has been said unless left for weeks. Eventually I am going to get around to replacing the FM thing with a hard wired adaptor to replace the CD changer input (as I never use it) but till then, its not a concern and mines left plugged in 24/7
  12. Lighter socket (+12v)

    I may sound dumb here, but instead of taking it apart , why not unplug whatever device is plugged in? Or you can get a multi socket adaptor that does have a on/off switch from Halfords if the device / phone charger really has to stay plugged in but not powered As far as I know they are both (front and rear Lighter sockets) live all the time. The rear is turned off with the rear electric window isolator though in case you didn't know..
  13. Cambelt change in Northwest/North Wales

    Did you get a result Al?
  14. Type of Gearbox oil

    Normally the Audi stuff IS the ZF stuff in a different bottle. So long as the gearbox people you select know the spec and source the correct oil, no, it doesn't need to have Audi written on it.
  15. Drivers wing mirror (tinted)

    possible that its plain knackered. My Auto dimmer had become so coroded it caught fire a couple of weeks ago, and the film of special liquid in it was boiling! The matrix on the back had shorted.