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  1. A8/S8 Roll Call

    Who knows
  2. A8/S8 Roll Call

    Ahh well - end of an era for me The 2000 A8 QS was sold at the end of last year I had bought a 2003 A8 4.2 QS around 2.5 years ago but that has been sold today - so first time in nearly 7 years that I have not had an A8. Off to try new things so have fun folks
  3. What age range are A8/S8 drivers ? post up

    Old enough to know better and young enough to not care
  4. I used that 3M stuff on a turntable build I made last year - good stuff: Keep up the good work
  5. Looking forward to tomorrow - looks like the weather will be good for doing the wrapping.
  6. So looking forward to see this happening
  7. Photos of your Audi A8/S8

    Nice motor !!
  8. TVR racecar construction photos

    Very nice!!
  9. Goto A8 Parts (on ebay plus a website).
  10. They alter the length of the inlet manifold - increasing torque when at low revs, but allowing it to breath properly when at high revs. Hope this helps.
  11. A8 creaking steering rack

    Gotcha. Lifted the lid tonight thinking it was actually in the lid. Will have another go tomorrow then. Cheers
  12. A8 creaking steering rack

    Where is the filter please? Cheers