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  1. The wheels are in great condition, some minor curbing on 1 of the wheels which is hard to notice unless you know it is there. I have put brand new Goodyear F1 tyres on the rear - the best and one of my most expensive tyres going - They have only been used on the car for under 100 miles as I was going to replace the fronts aswell and then use the wheels again but I am needing the money so I have went back to running the standard alloys and I am looking to sell these to free up some cash. So yeah the front tyres could do with replacing, except for that they are good to go. A little background info: This set is from LA in the US and I believe you'll have a hard time getting a set over here unless you find a company who is importing them. They cost $272.99 per rim in the US and then the cost of flying them home on top of that, aswell as the tyres that I have fitted to them. Some pictures: Chrome lips with laquer ontop so you dont have to worry about cleaning them all the time, they wipe clean and come up extremely shiney, can be run all winter as the salt doesnt effect the chrome They are 5x112 and I believe they are ET48 (going to go check that on one of the wheels in a minute) The 9.5inch rear wheels have a 2.3inch lip and the 8.5inch fronts have a 1.2inch lip I'm looking for £800, located in Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland Cheers Andrew
  2. Front end removal

    Hi, i'm currently removing the full front end of my Audi A8 but have come across some problems at the final hurdle. I've been following Paul Waterloo's tech article on how to do it - found here: audipages Front End Removal I have everything off ready for the front end to drop off, i've just left it sitting on the front bumper shock absorber bolts. My problem is that I want to remove the front end completely but I'm left with the air con rad connections, abs fluid cooler connections and what i think is some sort of other coolant connections. What is the best way to remove these? Can I remove the air con connections? Wont that just depressure my system and then i'll have to get the air con system overhauled? I take it Paul just left his connected and dropped it to the deck as shown in his first pic on his article? I've looked at doing this with mine but I think the car is too far off the ground for the air con hoses to reach that and I really need it right out of the way so that I can get a 15 tonne crane i'm going to be using right in! I have some pics that i'll upload just now Cheers Andrew
  3. Front end removal

    Cool, what forum?
  4. Front end removal

    Got it sorted, Cheers!
  5. Front end removal

    sorry, where I have said ABS fluid I meant PAS fluid !!
  6. Front end removal

    pictures! 2 hoses going in to the left of my basin are abs fluid so i think i'll just disconnect them at the two clamps shows and try get new clamps for refitting? The real problem: these pipes going in here? Are they airconditioning ones? What can I do with them? air con on the right...... Coolant ones on the left?? And from below:
  7. My 95 A8 Quattro

    Hi, I've been on the forum for quite a while now, mainly just lurking in the background and making the odd post here and there. I am now the owner of Dan's (JettaDeluxe) A8. I'm sure some of you know the car quite well. I have been spending most of my time just trying to get the car mint and everything working on it. I bought a set of Avus style S8 wheels from the guys at A8parts: Gave them a quick refurb, spray, put some new rubber around them and slapped them on the car. The front of the car is raised in these pictures in prep. for its MOT Since getting the car I have fitted: 6k HIDS New Aerial Pressed UK Plates Welded up the exhaust center box as it was blowing Full rotary polish and wet sanded some areas of the car. Trial fitted 20mm spacers on the rear Over the next month the plans are: Fit new gearbox mount New CV Gaitor MOT & TAX 4 Wheel Alignment at Star Performance Fit new coolant pipe which i snapped the balance line off Coolant flush and new coolant Oil & Filter Change Power steering fluid flush & change Fit new rear discs and pads Bleed full system and add new break fluid New strut tops New timing belt, tensioners, thermostat and pump There is a slight squeel coming from the Fresh air blower aswell so when I can afford it I will be replacing them aswell. Recieved a bumper from the A8parts guys today which I will be cutting up and using for shortening the plate recess on the front of my bumper. I might weld up the headlight washer holes aswell. Could someone enlighten me and tell me where the rain drainage points are in the engine bay behind the strut tops? Where do you guys/gals get your coolant, break flud and oil from? Oil wise do you go for a 5w-40 or 0w-40 synthetic ? Break fluid wise I saw on audipages that Paul used ATE Gold and Blue, where can I get this from or what do you guys use? I am getting a clunking from the front suspension, that is why I am going to replace the strut tops as they werent done when the coilovers were fitted so I'm guessing thats where the clunking is from? Is there anything else worth doing when I have the front end off when doing the timing belt, tensioner, thermostat and pump? Thanks Andrew
  8. A8 roof bars & cycle carriers

    Nice one! I'd love a bars, rack and fairing setup
  9. 1st E-Zine

    Cool, i'll drop you an e-mail. Need to sort out my membership and paypal you some cash aswell
  10. Local Meets

    Anything in the central belt of Scotland? I've been to a few ScottishVAG meets which have been good but i've never seen another 8
  11. A80c Unsupported Events

    I'll be at edition with my 8 Would be nice to be parked up next to some other 8's You going again this year mkoneman? I saw your 8 there last year, looked brilliant!
  12. 1st E-Zine

    My A8 might make a good feature once I have finished repairing it, but wont be ready for a month or two yet
  13. A8 roof bars & cycle carriers

    anyone got any pictures of D2 A8's with roof-wear?
  14. Subframe diagrams

    Hi, I am wondering if someone could help me out. I need to know if the mount from the back of the subframe to the chassis comes out and if so how? I have taken the plate that connects the subframe to the chassis off and I can see that there are two blocks of metal and then the captive nut is at the top. Any diagrams or info on this setup would be appreciated. Cheers Andrew
  15. Subframe diagrams

    When it says attaching to the rear of the engine, i'm guessing it doesnt just mean lifting it by the 4 engine holes on the block? Does it mean you must also lift it from somewhere else aswell? I'll take pics of the 4 engine holes I was going to put U-bolts through and then use four 1 tonne slings and attach them to a 15 tonne engine crane that I am getting a lend of. I'll send you a pm with my e-mail address. Thanks for the help!
  16. Subframe diagrams

    Ska, where are you getting these instructions from? ETKA? Autodata? ELSA? Anyone know what sort of weight the 4.2 v8 engine and 4 speed box is? I'm looking into getting an engine crane and i'm not sure whether to get a 2 or 1 tonne crane Cheers
  17. Subframe diagrams

    Thanks Ska, is there any instructions on the correct way to support the engine/gearbox while you remove the subframe?
  18. Just incase any of you guys are interested and haven't seen the thread in the for sale section:
  19. New Brakes arrive

    nice setup!
  20. Which Coolant?

    Thanks Mike!
  21. Which Coolant?

    What coolant do you use on your Audi A8/S8's? I have a 95 4.2 and I cant find any info on audipages on which type or where to get it from All I can find is that it just be Red?? Do you just use G12++ ?? Cheers Andrew
  22. Which Coolant?

    My coolant is blue, but i thought G12++ could mix with anything? What is the blue coolant? G11 ?
  23. A8 in this months PVW

    Anyone else seen the A8 featured in this months PVW? Love the door handles and bumpers. Shame about the interior though! Not a fan of the boot install either. Still good to see an A8 getting featured!
  24. A8 in this months PVW

    Gotta agree, styling isnt my thing either but as I said, the handles and bumpers are nice. Wheels, colour, tailgate, boot install, interior etc isnt my cuppa tea. Yours will be the next one, I can see a mk1 & s8 double feature "pimp and play" haha
  25. Which Coolant?

    excellent, thanks guys