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  1. Hi this is incorrect to have sound coming through your car speakers you need autoleads mute harness. The lead your talking about connects to the mute pin on the back of the stereo so when a call is recieved your stereo will mute displaying "MUTE" or "PHONE" on the screen you would still require to use the supplied speaker.
  2. VAG-COM user database

    Hi all im Marco i have VAGCOM and based in the Glasgow area i have moderate skills on this for anyone who needs help just let me know
  3. Vag-com near glasgow?

    Hi Craigieboy im in the Glasgow area although you cannot turn this function on with VAGCOM only VAGTACHO which i dont have. The only things you can really turn on are auto lock/unlock when the car goes over 10mph the doors lock when you take your key out of the ignition the doors unlock. turn on beeps for locking and unlocking this i a handy feature as i have a terrible habit of forgetting if i locked the doors or not. If you want any of these functions turnd on just let me know
  4. A2 Tax now only £35!!!

    Just a wee bit of info the tax drops to £30 next year from March:grin: