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  1. I've had it three times ... for a Z4M R ... then a 320d coupe ... and most recently for a 330d coupe. All in the last 2 years ... oops !
  2. 330d coupe 19" wheels run flats

    My 18's tramlined ... but the car handled OK so I put up with it. There were lots of vibes through the steering too - I got told 'they all do that' !
  3. 330d coupe 19" wheels run flats

    I have just bought a 2010 330d with the 'new' 19" wheels .... they seem 100% fine - infact the ride is definitely / noticeably better than the 58 plate 320d M Sport which was on 18" wheels !!
  4. I have just bought a 10 plate 330d coupe .... which has the same issue. It doesn't cause any issues but I may mention it. The car is under warranty so I don't see why your dealer is loathe to sort it - that said it doesn't really bother me as it has no effect other than looking a bit odd.
  5. Buying z4m

    If you find the gearchange awful between 1st to second they are all like that. Some better than others but generally all bad. I know, I tried 3 and bought the best one I tried. Otherwise they are pretty solid. I've had mine 5 months and - touch wood - nothing but fun
  6. Edition 30 - Milltek

    I went out in a AmD mapped Edition 30 with a Milltek turbo back resonated exhaust fitted ..... to compare to my own Edition 30 for performance and noise levels. I actually forgot the Milltek exhaust was fitted until the owner reminded me - it is no different than standard except at high revs when it makes a tiny bit more noise. It is an excellent bit of kit and one I would have without concern ... it it wasn't for the cost ! FWIW I hate noisy exhausts - apart from the one I had on a TVR Griffith 500 - and I would readily have one of these on my Edition 30. The tailpipes are a bit bigger but you don't really notice unless you are 'in the know' as it were .....
  7. R TECH Remap

    I don't think there have been any issues with 'updates' for the normal Golf GTi. Fairly recently a couple of people with Edition 30's have asked for power to be reduced at the top end due to issues with the maps and their cars (Revo have also had the same problem with the odd car that doesn't take to the map for some reason) and Superchips have been tinkering with their maps in an aim to please. Generally in about 95% of cases I don't think there are problems. When they sent me an updated map with higher torque for my Edition 30 I tried it but actually preferred the older, 'slower' remap so asked for it back. Just to be greedy though I phoned them and asked them to email both the older and newest map so I could switch between both dependent on the weather. They did this foc within the hour and I have not had any issues with the map, my car or their service in switching maps numerous times on the car from my computer to the Bluefin device or from that to the car.
  8. Remapping Golf Gti

    FWIW I haven't noticed a great deal of difference post Superchips remap of my Edition 30 GTi .... possibly 1-2 mpg worse as I am using my right foot more :D
  9. Remapping Golf Gti

    PC only unfortunately ....
  10. Remapping Golf Gti

    When you copy your map off your car using the Bluefin device to send to them they return it with both the uprated map and the copy of your std map ... which is loaded on the Bluefin device .... which you load onto your car. The next time you plug the Bluefin device into the car the device in it asks if you want to revert to std - as it realises the last time you used it you loaded the uprated map. You merely follow the on screen instructions and it flashes back to std and keeps the flash counter at whatever it was before you started.
  11. Remapping Golf Gti

    Which dealer's that ?
  12. Remapping Golf Gti

    Don't have to settle for one .... I have both Superchips emailed them both to me so I can load either into the Bluefin device and then put it onto the car. In addition I can also still revert to standard - not that I see me doing that ..... At the moment I have the lower torque remap on the car as it gives the TC less of a hard time in this weather. Once dry and warm I will load up the high torque remap as it is alot more As to which I end up using more - can't say yet as both are great
  13. Remapping Golf Gti

    FWIW to anyone interested - Superchips rolling roaded my car as standard at 229bhp. Their first Stage one remap was a 'lower' torque version than their later and newest Stage one map. The graphs are attached for both maps. I am very happy with the maps and their service Compared to standard the car goes really well on the lower torque map and like stink on the higher torque one
  14. Remapping Golf Gti

    Comments on the Bluefin power delivery seem right - at least for the DSG Ed 30 I have .... more everywhere, following the style of the std power delivery but, say, 20bhp above std up to about 4500 thereafter you get about 50+bhp more to the 6,300 rpm 'ish change - which feels decidedly rapid :D Superchips limit the torque on the DSG low down so the 'kick' is not really there - though it's obvious - and does feel - that it's got a fair bit more than standard to 4500 rpm ... it's from 4500 rpm when it really does shift to the redline !! I miss a more aggressive 'kick' low down but with the DSG it would probably make it difficult to drive and I am sure that's why Superchips have done it the way they have - it saves stress on the DSG box and makes it very driveable indeed