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  1. Diamond cut wheels

    PPS Powdercoating in Inverurie (01467 531031). I've used them for 4 sets of wheels and have always been very happy with the results. They can finish them in black, white, metallic/alloy, anthracite/gunmetal (they may have expanded their range by now). The wheels are dipped and stripped of old finish and corrosion, kerbing is blended or repaired, and then finished with a very high quality powdercoating. I'd recommend them and have heard a lot of positive comments from others about their standard of work. Ideal treatment to resist the corrosion caused by our heavily salted winter roads. Once done you should have no need for acidic alloy wheel cleaning treatments and abrasive scrubbing pads - they should just wipe clean with cloth and soapy water.
  2. VAGcom in Aberdeen?

    Morning 'S4quatt' Thanks for responding. Someone on one of the other VW/Audi forums has offered their help, so I'll take them up on it for now. If that doesn't come good would it be ok if I gave you a shout? Thanks again Cheers Moray
  3. VAGcom in Aberdeen?

    Is there anyone in the Aberdeen area that has VAGcom and would be willing to diagnostic my two sick Audis (A3 & S8)? Would be very grateful for help Many Thanks Moray