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  1. MacBook Pro - Immaculate with AppleCare till June 2014!

    ​SOLD. You might not have meant it Mac, but that's just how your post came across to me. You jumped straight at it with "If it's got AppleCare then why are you offering additional warranty? It's confusing". It's not like I did it on purpose to deliberately confuse people, which is what your post sort of suggested. You could have just asked the simple question and allowed me to clarify rather than the above with the full print screen job. I wouldn't have worded it like you did that's for sure. Like I said, that's just how it came across. One of the disadvantages of a forum.
  2. MacBook Pro - Immaculate with AppleCare till June 2014!

    The warranty thing is nothing to do with me. It's added in by ebay, the seller gains no money from it. It's a bit ****ing stupid really. Particularly as it already comes with an extended warranty. P.S. Mac, I didn't like the cross examination feel to your post. You shouldn't have assumed I was attempting to do anything sinister with regard to what you posted.
  3. Hi everybody, I have a lovely MacBook Pro 15" for sale if anybody wants it. It's on eBay here with all the relevant details: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Please note that my Cat and Barbecue seen in the reflection on the first picture are not included Let me know if you need any further information. Kind regards, Tom
  4. Hamilton's Mood

    Paint the picture, he deservedly got pole after a long winter of training and mental preperation. And driving the fastest in Q obviously. He gets jumped on the first corner after cocking up the start. Then slips to third when the safety car comes out. No wonder he was annoyed! I don't mind Hamilton. He isn't the same lovely TV personality that Button is. But he's the most exciting driver to watch on his day, he breathed life in to the sport when it was needed. It's what he does on the track i'm interested in.
  5. FS: Various PC Components

    All parts now sold apart from the Corsair 800D Case. Price for this dropped to £150!
  6. FS: Various PC Components

    RAM and Power Supply are now sold. Motherboard has been dropped to £95!!! Amazing price for this, you might even want to buy it to sell on yourself! Discounts are available if multiple items are bought. If there's any parts you need or want that I haven't listed, then please let me know as I may have something available for you!! Thanks again, Tom
  7. Porsche on the shooting range

    *Facepalm* Even more so now, out of curiosity I've just looked at the engine spec in the current Yukon. It's a 5.3 litre V8. That churns out 320bhp. What a pathetic, little, pezzy, wimp of an engine. Absolute donk. So it's got 21 more bhp than BMW's 6 Cylinder 3 litre Turbodiesel (Just to help quantify how rubbish it is).
  8. Porsche on the shooting range

    We should do a video of us hosing a GMC Yukon. A car actually worthy of being shot rather than an awesome Porsche. Everyone here would be able to join in however, as a modest powered BB gun would suffice to destroy one of those flimsy things.
  9. Porsche on the shooting range

    They're probably proper inbred red necks. It's highly likely his cross eyed vision wouldn't have been able to utilise the aiming feature on the gun. You get the feeling he'd be unable to hit water if he fell out of a boat
  10. Open Car Insurance

    Hi Guys, I need an open insurance policy..That will cover drivers under 25, but over 21. My current insurer, Aviva, will do it but only 3rd party. I need it fully comp'd up to the eyeballs. The car is an 2010 BMW 325d M Sport Touring. Value is probably around 20k, maybe a bit less. Just wondering if anybody has a policy that will meet my requirements, or if you know of any under writer that would do. Prepared to spend up to about £3k, maybe a bit more if it needs. Does 20,000 miles a year, most of it for business use. It's a company workhorse. Many thanks, Tom
  11. Porsche on the shooting range

    When it gets to about 38 seconds you can just hear a single gun being fired, yet the guy can't hit the car to save his life. It's just churning up the worms in front of it. He'd have missed using a Javelin launcher the tool head.
  12. FS: Various PC Components

    Bump. SSD is now sold. Chance to get some bargains! All these parts are at a great price, I will also offer a discount if multiple items are puchased together. Pictures attached. Again please get in touch if you want any of the bits or if you have any questions EDIT: The RAM does actually come with sticks of memory, not just an empty packet!
  13. FS: Various PC Components

    Hi Arch, Yes it's all yours if you still want it! Contact me whenever with your delivery details, and i'll reply with my Paypal/Bank info. Thanks again, Tom
  14. The Z4 is going going gone!

    Just a little teeny update for you on cars The Porsche has gone now. Sold for £37k in April to dealer in Leeds. Paid £50k for it in October 2008 so i'd actually call that value for money motoring. Even though it left with only 4,000 miles extra. Haven't replaced it with anything and currently have no plans to (See below). Don't have a Q7 anymore. Almost as thirsty as an 911 despite being a diesel. Swapped for a 325d M Sport Touring with the facelift and new iDrive. Love it. Still got 325i M Sport Convertible, had that for 3 years now to the month, it's only done 21,000 miles. Currently looking to swap it for a facelifted model in Mineral White but with a big engine like 330i. Should help get over the loss of the porker.
  15. NEW BMW M5 in detail

    Not really at the forefront of peoples' mind when buying a car like this, but 232g per km of C02. That is simply astonishing. I'm also in the crowd of people that's wary of the switch to forced induction. I think the lack of a N/A high revving V10 will take some of the excitement away. Looks stunning though I must say. Particularly like the blue colour.