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  1. induction kit

    or get a bigger engine'd car!
  2. pussy cat

    yeah i hit a badger recently i need a new fog grill thing and the inner mud gaurd in the arch, not asked how much its gonna set me back but i bet it will be a load.. fecking badgers !!
  3. R Polo

    [ QUOTE ] Well, I don't know about 225, but the Lupo GTI comes with 125hp, so why not a 1.8T Polo pushing 150-180? And we all know how tuneable the 1.8T is [/ QUOTE ] is it really that tuneable??
  4. Poll, P1 or Evo 6 Makinen?

    evo 5 is most aggressive looking !!
  5. 996 arrived!

    beautiful car !!
  6. Lowered S3

    [ QUOTE ] That sure is Low, Mo! [/ QUOTE ] very nice indeed !!
  7. S3 Vs Honda civic type r

    [ QUOTE ] I had a play with one in my TTR (APR'd). I had the roof down, and was the engine was pulling at about 3k revs, his car sounded like a fecking hair dryer. He pulled past me but he was driving on power and taking advantage of his lower gearing (he must have been in 3rd to rev the engine like that). When I realised he was "playing" I gave chase, and there wasn't much in it, until I decided to give the Porker brakes a work out for my junction at late notice! To be honest I couldn't put up with a car that had to be revved like FCUK to get the best out of it! I prefer the low down torque of a turbo. It would be interesting to see both back to back around a track. I suspect the CTR would out accelerate a sorted S3, and may even have the edge out of corners since the quattro whilst offering significantly more grip on exit from the corners, will lose out due to the weight! I guess you'll let us know :-) [/ QUOTE ] doesnt the s3 have a second quicker 0-60 tho??
  8. R Polo

    i would love a decent powerfull small VW to beat the pants of the Clio 172 etc... 225 brake in a polo would be awesome !!