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    After three happy years with my mark 5 GTI I thought it was time to think about test driving a mark 6, which I did this week. The experience has left me feeling pretty depressed. Yes, the performance was all they say it is, noticeably improved to the mark 5. The ride was great, the instrumentation and interior re-design excellent. I drove home from the dearlership pretty happy with all that. Got the car on the drive and had a proper look at it and one word came to mind - ugly. Gone were the pleasing contours of the mark 5 and in it's place a boxey looking car which to me is a Golf Plus, on steroids. The front grill is a disaster. The profile view looks like half the grill is missing, what's that all about? The protruding door handles are large, bulky, and not aero-dynamic. The side window seals look like large lumps of licorise, uneven and cheap looking. The extended crease down side of car looks all wrong. The lack of sill mouldings have been replaced with peculiar plastic strips which just don't work for me. The overall new bulky square look doesn't please my eye. I really wanted to like it as I was psyched up about updating my gti for the latest model. And to top all that the dealer (stealer) offered me only £13000 for my car (high spec)when they are selling similar on the forcourts for about £15,500-£16,000. Comments appreciated.