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  1. Household clearout

    The P&P on the bricks would probably be ridiculous !! I should probably amend that to say "local pickup or delivery only" It was the only Saab I knew of with 20" chrome wheels - it was an extreme exterior look at the time !! In fact it was the only 240bhp grandads car, pimped up and driven by a twenty-something !!
  2. Household clearout

    This may be a bit of a cheat, but I've got so much stuff listed in various different categories, that it's much easier to just point you at my website. There is a for sale section on there where everything is listed - some items currently have pictures attached. Everything listed will have a picture soon. There is electronics, stereo equipment, karaoke stuff, dvds and videos, computers bits and pieces, console games and accessories, furniture, construction bits, clothing ... all sorts. Tell you friends, tell you work colleagues - it all must go !! My website ----> HERE Mods: If this post is a problem, then let me know and I'll modify it or remove it completely.
  3. 1 Series Coupe - Shark Fin

    I know this is a little bit old now, but it's an interesting question, My girlfriends 123d hatch has got a stupid rubbery aerial sticking way up from the roof, where as my 3 series has a lovely sleek shark fin aerial (and I think she's a bit jealous) !! Does anyone know if it's possible (and easy) to retrofit the shark fin to the 1 series ?? Holes line up, connections the same, easy to source, cost etc etc - any info will be gratefully accepted.
  4. 123d M-Sport rattles ??

    Thanks for the info (and the pics) gizze I'll have a look sometime this weekend.
  5. 123d M-Sport rattles ??

    Just a quick question, before I go ranting and raving at the dealership ... My girlfriend has a 58 plate (late 2008) 123d M-Sport 3 door hatchback, and it is a gorgeous machine, but it has developed the most annoying rattle. It appears to be coming from behind and below the climate controls, but no matter what angle I get myself in, I can't get my arm up behind the dash to find anything loose. It's only really apparent when pulling away in first gear, and during the first 500rpm or so of second (seems to disappear after about 1600 rpm). Has anyone else experienced strange rattling noises from their 1'er ??
  6. I realise this may sound like a stupid reply, but do you know if the car if fitted with the bluetooth wizardry ?? I recently bought an E92 330d coupe with i-Drive ... buttons and options everywhere. But it turns out despite the ridiculously high spec of the rest of the car, it doesn't have bluetooth, voice control, any mobile connectivity ... doesn't even have the USB port in the chilled centre console !! The buttons seem to be standard on most steering wheels, but may not have the "kit" to go with it, and I dread to think how much the upgrades are.
  7. Well done to Nintendo. They are certainly keeping up with technology and entertainment value. Nice to see the BBC iPlayer is soon to be available for the Wii - sooner or later, I'll be able to sell my computers - surfing the web and watching media will all be done through one/or more of my consoles !!
  8. Cruise Control on a Polo

    Just to let you know - the work has been completed. A bit of a nightmare. The mini-loom is a bitch to connect to the car. Vag-com a must to enable it. But after a few hours work, swearing, blood and tears, it's in and working correctly.
  9. WiiFit

    So apart from the very entertaining video posted earlier, does everyone that's got one, get a lot of use out of their Wii-Fit ?? And more importantly, do you think it's worth the £70 (or more) ??
  10. My fault - I didn't read the bit about a Freeview TV Tuner. Is it possible then to have the TV tuner, video input (say for reversing camera) and the Bluetooth Premium kit all at once ??
  11. SACD Players ?

    Personally, I despite being a young-un, I'm of the old school vinyl breed. If you want to hear War or the Worlds in it's ture form, get in on the black stuff. SACD, DVD-A, Minidisc ... all digitally compressed and rubbish. Even standard CD's are not up to much compared to a good quality and well set-up turntable. My entire system (capable of both 2 channel and full 5.1 dolby digital) isn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but it's also not quite in a £20k league. However, I can distinctly tell the difference between the various formats on my system. MP3's sound noticably digital and tinny compared to my CD player (no matter what the recorded bit rate) through analogue or digital coaxial connections. I can tell the difference between the MP3, CD and vinyl versions of WotW for example - but then again, I love my a/v equipment and take great lengths to set it up correctly. SACD is a dying format, much like minidisc. I don't think there is a huge amount of material available on SACD (correct me if I'm wrong ??).
  12. MS Licensing

    I'm pretty sure that Mickysofts "per processor" licence works on how many physical processor you have in the computer. One processor, quad core is classed as being one chip, as opposed to the dual processor Xeon chips in some machines. Full info from Mickysoft here ---> http://www.microsoft.com/licensing/highlights/multicore.mspx
  13. Does anyone know if there is a list of known working and incompatible phones for the Premium kit ? Was going to get this fitted to my company car (56 plate Golf GT with RNS-510) - my personal phone is a K800i, but I'm thinking of upgrading soon (possibly the new iPhone) and my business phone is (at present) an SPV C600, also soon to be changed.
  14. Isn't there a device called an IMA box, that connects to that 54-pin connector and has a single video input, as well as left and right audio on it ? I was under the impression that this is used for dvd players, and even reversing cameras. I may be completely wrong, but I'm sure that one of the guys I work with recently had one fitted, and that is what it was called.
  15. Cruise Control on a Polo

    Thanks for the link Peter - I've seen that site before, but refuse to believe that it costs £190 !! If it's only a replacement stalk and activating with vag-com, surely it should be half that cost !! I'm guessing that nobody has had this mod done, or attempted it themselves then ?? Mouse - have you got a price for the stalk ??