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  1. Will soone be back on the rollers with the car to see what effect the new cams have made
  2. Thanks i am glad you enjoyed it
  3. Thankyou i am glad you enjoyed it:cool:
  4. Thanks glad you all like it The Turbo is a baby for most but rather large for the Volvo world I am very lucky to have a wife who loves cars as much as me she has helped where ever possible Thanks i did get rather carried away but love it to bits even when things go wrong some on the Volvo world have not taken to it very well as 400 hp has been a dream for lots and some have spent years trying to get there or more i will be at Modified Madness 2010 Show - Modified Car & Bike show! Drag strip and Drifting! 10th & 11th July 2010 and the brighton speed trials in september The car does get some strange looks and lots of double takes when they spot the roll cage etc i love the way the car has finished up they are great cars glad you had one Russ
  5. Hi Not at all it would surprise you how nice it is to drive off boost Thanks:cool:
  6. Not as such i dread to do it Thanks Glad you liked it:cool: Thankyou what is a Biali sticker ?? Russ
  7. Hi all....

    OK you asked for it lol : Russ
  8. Time for a bit more of an update. !! After the second gearbox (the brand new one!!) had failed in 200 odd miles (!!) a replacement was brought quickly as I knew that any day soon Redline magazine would be asking to meet up for the feature, so I kept my journeys to a minimum just in case the box failed again - I did not want to miss the cars first bit of fame, lol ! As it turned out it was a good job I had kept the useage to a minimum as the day after the photoshoot , I decided to use the car everyday to and from work - I pulled up at work and was met again with the heart stopping sound….. I had a real problem trying to work out the best way to modify the gearbox to stop this happening again or look for another route to take. I called a few other gearbox company’s to see if they could help me and most were very interested in the car. I called one company that has helped with the development work on the 850 touring cars alongside TWR - they still have the gearbox used by the race cars but the cost was £25k and that was back in 1995!!!! These gearboxes are only rated to 300 hp so no good for me. I also found a gearbox that will do the job and is rated to 600 ftlbs - its semi sequential 6 speed but at a cost of £17,500 !! - unfortunately my budget does not stretch that far, as much as I would love it lol! In the end I decided to contact a couple of companies that the TWR contacts recommended to see if they could help with the problem. See the picture below – this shows what happens when you have a decent amount of torque in an M56 gearbox - its always long been claimed that it will take high hp but its not the hp that kills the box it’s the torque….. The gearbox company found that the gears /syncros/bearings were all still perfect so it had to be something else, so the gearbox was totally stripped and a few pics taken : The problem was not obvious at first so after a full inspection it was found to be the third gear (my Favourite) had been pushed along the shaft into the fourth gear hub kit - as you can see here if you look closely the large cog on the left has a small gap between it and the next gear - this is the problem: You will also just be able to see that above the same gear its rubbed the gear on the next shaft (which is the fourth gear hub) - you can see the slight damage here : This is the damage to the hub : It’s a real shame that I don’t have any pictures of the parts modified in the box so will just have to see what happens when I try it out with a few good hard runs in third gear (will keep my fingers crossed!). Of course this has always been a development project, so a valuable lesson in gearboxes has been learnt so far….. After getting the ‘new and improved’ gearbox back from being modified, I began to start work again on fitting it one Friday night after a hard weeks work. I started the removal of the engine and box together (I always do it this way as its so much easier than with a standard car and I have much more room around the bay to work and the loom is nice and easy to unplug along with the Aeroquipt fittings). I started stripping off the boost pipes/strut brace/vacuum lines/brake lines so I could lower the whole engine and gearbox along with the subframe etc onto a trolley. We then set about swopping over the box with the modified one - I had a few other small jobs I wanted to do once the engine was out so made a few adjustments. I also wanted to check that the turbo nuts and studs are still nice and tight and also the external waste gate (It was all fine). All was then ready to go back in it with the help of my great friend Mark and my brother Andy who have always been on hand to help me out with the project : We worked from 9 am on Saturday morning and by 12 pm it was back in place with the engine running and a very quiet gearbox ready to use - I just have the strut brace and a few other parts to finish off but I am now ready to test the new box out……….!!
  9. I have had a date in mind to aim for completing the Peril 100% since last September when I made my yearly trip to the Brighton speed trials. I thought this would be a great event to put the Peril into as I have been going for a few years and have never seen a Volvo enter. I decided that I would not have time to call it the finished spec as the delays with the custom cams have cost me dear, so would run the car for the Brighton Speed Trails in its current form which is a long way off the final spec. The Brighton and Hove Motor Club is a great club to be part of as they do several good events each year. I was a member a few years ago when I was doing the Porsche racing. You cannot just enter the speed trials you have to be invited, so many months ago I set about getting my invite. Back in June this year my invite came through and I sent off my details as quickly as I could as I did not want to miss it as the event is always over subscribed. The pressure was now on to get the car ready as soon as possible so more late nights and weekends helped a lot. The testing continued - I had decided on a evening run out with a few weeks to go before the Speed trials to a RS Owners club meeting which I used to attend when I had my Escort Cosworth. I have many friends there so thought they might like to see some thing a bit different!!!!!, Me and my great friend Mark (who has been a true friend helping me after hours and weekends for many many months without a complaint!!) set off to Staines Rugby Club for the evening. As we came off the main road down to a round about I slowed in the traffic and went down to first gear. I pulled away and the gearbox made a very strange noise (like I now had straight cut gears!!) I changed to second and the noise was the same !! 3rd 4th and 5th were fine !! GEAR BOX ISSUES I had wondered how long the standard gearbox would last even though I have seen many internet guessing games say they are fine for a 5-600 hp car. Maybe I was unlucky, so time would tell. I drove the car home without a problem just a noise in 1st and 2nd still. I thought the only route I could take was to use a brand new exchange box from Volvo so took a deep breath and ordered one!! The new gearbox was sent to our gearbox company and the gripper diff was swopped over into the new unit, this in its self was not straight forward as the new Volvo gearbox was not without a problem! The gearbox company called me to tell me the roll pins in the lay shaft were not there!!!! If the box had been fitted to the car as it arrived it would not go into gear! This problem was easily sorted but annoying - even brand new parts can be faulty. The clock was now ticking as the speed trials was only two weeks away so I had very little time to get the engine/box back into the car and run up and tested so the late nights started again. WHEEL REFURBISHMENT & FRONT SPLITTER I had always wanted the wheels in anthracite to finish off the look of the car so had this done ready for the speed trials. I also finally added my carbon fibre front splitter which I had been looking forward to adding to the car. THE BRIGHTON SPEED TRIALS The days before the speed trials went very quickly and the night before we put the numbers on the car ready for a very early start. I also had a small amount of sign writing done so people would know who the mad guy in the Volvo is. We set off for the speed trials at 6am sharp - thankfully the weather was fine and dry: We set off for the run down to Brighton and soon arrived and set up camp I was very proud to finally make it to the speed trials so with my virgin race suit/gloves and a borrowed crash helmet from a mate I was ready. The other cars all started to arrive - such a wide range of cars, just about every year and make you could ask for…. and one very yellow Volvo! I was very pleased with all the many nice comments made about the car – it drew lots of attention all day long. I even had a very nice lady with very bright hair grab me and ask if I would be happy to do an interview for sky TV!! All very embarrassing and not me at all but I thought why not - the lady was very impressed and said it was her favourite car of the day and she has even booked a ride and another feature of the car : The time came for my first practice run at about 10 am so I lined up. I thought I would try a run with the launch control on and the anti lag just for the great noise. Due to all the problems with the gearbox and thoughts of the clutch giving out in the days before the event I had no chance to practice at all so I lined up and off I went. The start was terrible and did a 15.8 !! Terrible but it was rather fun though and I put it down to experience, or lack of it in a racing situation under a lot of pressure! I had not been told how many runs I would be getting but after chatting with my neighbours I found out I would only get one more run so thought I would try with no launch control (which I hadn’t had time to practice with) and just use the car as it was.. So off I went and lined up for the second time. This time the start went a lot better and I was happy with my 13.83 @ 114 mph - still a long way off the best time in the car from looking at other Volvos times but will never be able to beat a good friend in Sweden who runs a 10.64 @ 144 mph !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to him with his next goal which is under 10 sec next year! The day had been fantastic - I was hoping to have some more runs but for the class I was in, that was may limit. I had a great day and met some very nice fellow car lovers. I also had many customers come and support us which was very kind and lots of people came over and said what a nice neat job the car was, especially how under the bonnet looked which meant a lot to me after all the hard work. I have found lots of pics people took on the day : So far is my favourite : At the end of the long day my brother Andy drove the Peril all the way back to RT head quarters - he rather enjoyed his first decent run in the car…! MORE GEARBOX ISSUES !!! I spent the next week doing my commute to and from work in the Peril which was great fun to help cheer up the other fellow commuters. Unfortunatley on the way into work the following week disaster struck !!! Coming onto the roundabout on the A3 I slowed for second gear and the gearbox once again made the horrible noise. I could not believe that the brand new box had only lasted 200 miles !!!!!!! I recorded a small video of the noise if you’re feeling brave : I luckily had a second hand gearbox which I had bought about three years ago and have popped that into the car for now while we do a full strip of the other box to finally find a cure for the failures ….. This story is up to date so far I will have more to add and hopefully some performance times soon I hope you have enjoyed reading this half as much as i have enjoyed the challenge the project has set me and my great team of supporters and helpers.... I have had lots of help and support from the following people: All at RT HQ have helped in a big way with the project : My brother Andrew/Lucy/Derek/Mark S/ The 'Q' my great mate for all the help and long hours Mark Shead of MA Developments Rod T wiring etc Andy (AndysR) and brother James AP racing Brakes Spec R alloy Vehicle wiring products Earls Data spares (Dash etc) Brighton and Hove motor club Merlin Motorsport Zircotec Silicon Turbo Dynamics And of course my long suffering wife Emma for the help and support with the ups and downs a project like this brings.
  10. THE FIRST DRIVE PART 2 It was a very exciting morning one Saturday when it was finally time to drive the car properly again after 9 long months. It was time to start to enjoy the car again and run the engine in for a few hundred miles at half a bar of boost. I wanted to do this as soon as possible so every night that week me and a lucky passenger went out for a good couple of hours each night with a varied course - we even popped into the Goodwood race track as its only down the road from work. We continued to do more late night runs with no problems at all which was a great relief I wondered how many trips I would be making to my favourite shell garage on the A3 at Liphook !!! RE-MAPPING THE ECU I travelled over to see Mark Shead my Autronic mapper and teacher who is slowly helping me learn how to map my own car. We started off doing a few runs to start to give the Peril some decent amounts of boost now that the engine was run in after the late night runs with half a bar of boost so out we went : MAD’s unit was full of all very high hp cars as usual, most put the Peril’s hp in the shade with their power outputs including one very well known Sapphire Cosworth which runs at 2.9 BAR !!! and over 700 hp J We started off with just the general driveability and throttle response of the car - a few people have asked how much of an animal a fwd Volvo with 535 hp is to drive - well I can honestly say that you can quite happily drive it as a normal car without any dramas in heavy traffic - the car is happy to trundle along with the flow of traffic - even the paddle clutch is not a pain at all - not quite the “un driveable monster” a few ill informed people have said. If you use a good standalone ECU and THE BEST mapper you will have no such problems - of course you need to adapt your driving style but surely that’s common sense with the larger turbo’s. There is a large lever in the middle of the car called a gear stick - you can use it to great effect to help you J We set the boost up to 2.3 bar as that’s where we got to last time. I was happy to go a bit further this time now that the liner problem was hopefully gone for good so we went up to 2.4 then 2.5 bar. I was happy to stay at this level as the performance at 2.5 bar is quite shocking. The Peril is like not other Volvos I have ever been in or probably will ever be in - I cannot wait to do a few performance tests on the car in the future. We then set up the water injection and for now set this to cut in at a preset of inlet temp, so the SM4 handles all this side of the WI. When set up the SM4 can even control each WI jet individually - all very clever LAUNCH CONTROL While we were out we set up the launch control which works very well. All you do is come to a stop, turn on the switch then hold the throttle flat out - the SM4 takes control and holds the revs at 4.5 k - all you do then is lift the clutch….. easy… ANTI LAG Then it was the turn of the anti lag which is just for a bit of fun - no performance gain at all just some fantastic noises – There is nothing quite like a 5 cylinder Volvo popping and banging away J Once we set up the traction control with a new chip for the SM4, I had to make a few practice starts for a future event….. MORE FINISHING TOUCHES I thought it was about time I put a heat shield around the silicon hose that comes from the compressor housing on the turbo as it runs rather close to the exhaust manifold!!!: I even managed to get a carbon look remote control for my alarm which matches up with the dash When all of the underside was stripped and repainted I had some extra plating made around the jacking points - this was starting to get marked again so I had bought some checker plate and cut it to shape,,,,, I had a nice surprise when I went down to Beaulieu - in the museum there is a section on Volvo and a picture of a nice young looking Peril J Finally, after many months of wanting to have The Peril weighed I had the chance The wife has even started to take a few pics of the Peril I even managed to get a picture of The Peril on the Top Gear cool wall – it should have been further to the right if you ask me !!! PREPARING FOR THE THE BRIGHTON SPEED TRIALS
  11. I also kept busy when I fancied a change of jobs on the car and fitted the fuel tank and the new loom for the fuel pumps/speedo/fuel gauge I was so pleased with how all the freshly repainted parts looked that I decided to buy all new trims/mouldings, rear glass etc etc etc. This cost a huge amount as Volvo trim items are not the cheapest to buy !!!! With a bit of help we finally managed to fit the 850R rear spoiler On went the wiring loom for the engine The late nights continued for three months - I worked a full day at RT then stayed until late into the night every night as I had to get the car up and running as soon as possible - it started to pay off as it was nearly time to start the car…….. The last time I ran the car, I had one problem - the top rad hose ran so close to the boost hose and the pass return line that it snapped the line clean off the pump, so I had to make a change to stop this from happening again….. TYRES I managed to borrow an unused Dunlop D01J from a great friend….. I wanted to see if I could get away with running 235/40/18 but with the ride height I wanted, it was not going to be possible. The last thing I wanted to do was risk damaging the new wings so I needed get 225/40/18. I decided to use the excellent Dunlop D03J’s - I did not want to risk buying cheaper cut slicks like some you see. THE PERIL IN MOTION AGAIN! I was soon at the stage where I was ready to drive the Peril around our car park, just to get the wheels moving again under her own steam. This was a great moment for me but I still had lots to do ie, brake lights, reverse lights etc etc etc but it was great to drive again. HEADLIGHTS & FIRE EXTINGUISHER After a few comments from customers that had had a chance to see the Peril several times during the re build (they thought the headlights I had bought did not suit the car) I decided to buy new standard lights from Mr Volvo: I also bought a fire extinguisher to have to hand should the worst ever happen
  12. I started to add the wishbone arms etc to the subframe ready for the engine and gearbox to be added I bought new gear control cables and added some brass bushes to the ends to help the gear feel And poly bushed the lower torque rod This pic shows the longer bolt I have used for the pick up for the traction control I run on the Sm4 ENGINE GOING BACK IN I was now getting ready for the engine and gearbox to go in. I used some very large straps as I did not want an error while lifting the engine onto one of our work trolleys. I first removed the subframe and fitted the steering rack etc to it ready to meet the engine and box I covered the engine bay sides with cloths just in case of a slip: In she goes !!!!!!!!! Andy and the team decided to put a small sign in the shot for a joke Now that the engine was in place I soon set about connecting all the extra parts back to the car (intercooler/rad hoses etc etc etc ) FITTING RE-PAINTED PARTS I then added the freshly painted front panel
  13. I then added the rest of the parts to the engine including the turbo (GT35 with a ported shroud and external wastegate). The engine was now complete so I slowly but surely started to sort out the wiring inside the car ready for the dash to be refitted - all the time being very careful not to scratch or damage the paint work! After what seemed a very long time I managed to re-wire the new dash (AIM) and get rid of the wood effect part I had brought a few sheets of carbon fibre to help tidy up the dash and glovebox area with the four switchs I would need to have the launch control/anti lag/heater fan/traction control I had two spares too in case I wanted to add more items to the car . Rod also added a low level light for the water injection. I also started on the engine bay refit adding all the pipes/and wiring looms to the car - they would mostly live inside the chassis legs REMOTE BRAKE SERVO A new part I had to have fitted to the car was a remote brake servo this was something I had started to look into when I first realised I would need a pedal box assembly , as I did wonder how it would be to drive with the car without servo assistance but for a time was happy with the brake feel and found the brakes worked very well all you had to do was press the pedal a bit harder!! I had pointed out to me a unknown to me a grey area of the mot rules that state if a car leaves the factory with a servo it must have one fitted so I had no choice but fit one I did not want to be running an illegal car so was happy to look into a solution. I did even check with vosa about the details and found it to be correct there must be hundreds of rally etc cars that don’t run a servo without a problem but wanted to be safe. I then looked into what I needed to do I was not sure if I needed a single servo or a duel servo (I have two master cylinders) so searched long and hard to find a duel servo system this proved very hard and no-one I spoke to in the rally/historic race world knew of such a thing (or the MOT rule !!) In the end I had a real piece of luck : I found a company that made just what I needed I quickly ordered one and set about working out where to fit it I had spent much time getting the inside of the car how I wanted it to look so did not want it in view . The new unit turned up and I set about deciding where to put it I found that it would just fit nicely into the old glove box area so was very pleased to hide it ,I was looking forward to trying out the brakes with the new set up . MORE FINISHING TOUCHES As the subframe is now seen so much, I thought I would have several parts and brackets powder coated in silver and a few in black I also fitted the new alloy sub frame bushes that my local machine shop made for me - I was sure this would make a big difference to the front of the car, as under power you could feel the subframe trying its best to leave the front of the car !!!