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  1. Leaving my DSG 'in gear'

    Hi all, just wondered if anyone knows how to leave the DSG gearbox 'in gear'? I'm barely driving it right now and am going to be away a lot so don't want the brakes to seize, not really sure if just leaving it in 'P' with bricks behind the back wheels would be right though, I'm assuming not? It's on a very slight hill too so not really wanting to choose the wrong option!!
  2. Colant disapearing?

    So it turns out I was slightly optimistic. Did a long journey (about 300 miles!) and the car runs fine. When going up long hills however, the temp goes flying up, and back down again when you're back on either flat or downhill road. This only happens when you go up the hill with no momentum, from a roundabout for example, where you are starting from a low speed and accelerating up the hill (so basically the engine is under higher load) I'm no longer loosing coolant though, just overheating. The radiator has been flushed within the last month and doesnt seem to have any blockages of any sort. Completely at my wits end with this problem now!!
  3. Colant disapearing?

    Just a quick update, I have changed the expansion tank cap, noticable difference in the effort needed to tighten/loosen it, and there's also no sounds of air leaking after journeys now. Havent had it ona long enough journey to say if its solved the problem or not but when I do I'll report on here. Cheers for the help guys, much appreciated
  4. Colant disapearing?

    No, unfortunately for me the problem started around 2 weeks after I had my cambelt changed, typical hey!! That is going to be my next move, the cap just doesnt seem tight enough when it is fully screwed in, needs very little effort to unscrew. I'll get hold of a cap asap and let you know how I get on, Thanks for the advice mate
  5. Colant disapearing?

    My problems have got much worse!! I had my thermostat replaced and this seemed to solve the problem for around 2 months. But after driving for around 4 hours straight my temperature shot up to 130, all of the STOP lights came on etc. The coolant in the expansion tank was way over the max line, and when I slightly unscrewed the cap (to release the pressure) the coolant bubbled over. If I'm very gentle with the car this doesnt seem to happen, but as soon as I accelerate slightly harder (max 3000rpm) the temperature shoots up. This also only seems to happen at speeds of 50+. I have also noticed even after short journeys that you can hear the pressure seeping out of the expansion tank cap (although I'm assuming this is supposed to happen to release the pressure?) When I take the cap off though and run the engine there are no air bubbles, so I'm assuming this reduces the chances of the problem being the head gasket? Anybody any ideas on why the coolant system seems to be over pressurising? Thanks for any help
  6. Disappearing water Coolant...

    I had exactly the same problem but on a Mk4 GT TDi, turned out to be the thermostat, try that mate, cheap option aswell
  7. Colant disapearing?

    Typically my cambelt was changed 3 weeks ago! When I've been releasing the pressure before I've only been doing it once and the level returns to normal so ill try doing it a few times as you suggested. Cheers for the advice guys
  8. Colant disapearing?

    When its cold it sits right inbetween the min-max lines, yeah ive checked it on a level surface. Is it worth getting a pressure test done do you think? I cant see it being a leak as it doesnt seem to actually get any lower, just temporarily disappears
  9. On my Golf GT TDi 115 I have a problem where the coolant will just randomly disapear and the engine temp will go shooting up. If you release the bottle cap very slighty to release the pressure the coolant comes rushing back up into the bottle. Just wondered has anybody had this problem and if so what was solution? Cheers all Gareth
  10. Golf Mk4 115 PD

    MAF was the first thing i changed, unless ive been super unlucky ang got a new one thats dodgy! i'll check out all my pipes then, cheers for your help all, i'll let you know how i get on
  11. Golf Mk4 115 PD

    Hi all, I have a Mk4 115PD golf gt tdi. my problem is much the same as many other peoples on here, after say 10 mins of driving, if you try to accelerate/overtake the turbo will sometimes cut out, but as soon as the engine is turned off and then back on the turbo is back in action. the turbo also whistles for 20-30secs when the car is 1st started, and has a lag in every gear around 2900rpm, although this is there sometimes and not others, not sure if either of these are normal? the turbo whistle also seems very loud, but again im not sure if this is normal or not? I have changed the N75 valve, and the N81 (egr?) valve, car ran perfectly for about a month but is now going back to how it was. If anyone has any suggestions they'd be greatly appreciated as the problem is driving me mad! thanks for any help