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  1. Hi, I own an SEL and I've just scratched the rubber surround on the outside of the front windscreen whilst polishing the glass. Really annoyed as I'm not sure if it will naturally 'dissapear'. I'm fearing it won't. Posted a thread here: Anybody know how to remove these really annoying scratches? They stand out like a sore thumb.
  2. Hi, today I polished my front windscreen and accidently scuffed the rubber surround with my finger nail. It shows up quite a bit. Is anybody able to recommend a treatment to remove these scuff / scratch marks from the rubber surround? Or from rubber in general.. It really seems like such a simple thing to have done and so far the scratch hasn't come out by rubbing.
  3. Audi Exclusive Paint repairs

    How do Audi dealerships treat repair jobs (i.e. part replacements such as door handles or bumpers for instance or touch-ups) on a vehicle which has Audi Exclusive paint? I would be interested to hear peoples' experience on this front. I presume the paint gets a part number, but then how easy/costly is it to repair, and for any defect, have people had it looked at under warranty? The thought especially crossed my mind when reading a thread about having to replace the door handles on an Audi!
  4. S-line now available to order

    Brochure now live this afternoon on Audi's UK website. Some may note the re-appearance of the 2.0TD.. slipped in to a revision a few weeks back only to be removed with haste.
  5. Phaeton DRLs

    I keep seeing Phaetons with fairy lights. They look the business. Anybody else seen them? They look like the DRLs on the TTS i.e. straight line.
  6. 2.0 TSFi (211) Anyone driven yet ??

    Yes that fuel consumption is low but remember it's using the new audi valve lift technology. The 211 2.0T will inevitably drink more. Poor show stats wise, I wonder if they're pushing the vehicle quite hard as Froggy's suggested. Incidentally, there are reports of some brokers who haven't been able to quote for the 2.0T as yet. It's prob causing some hassle for those who shop around!
  7. 2.0T Quattro and 3.0TDi Auto

    A 1.8T still in the brochure, and yet so quick to edit out the 2.0TDI that breathed for so few hours
  8. Got it!!!!!

    What's your budget / spec interests ?
  9. Got it!!!!!

    Beautiful colour / alloy combination. Why, you can strut around Europe like Hitman, or glide about London like 'that one' off Harley Street! Have fun! I was at a (frantic) dealers this past week. I was alarmed by an offer of a new unregistered A5 at cost. Showed me the VWG invoice
  10. A5 purchase and spec queries

    There are reports of some ambiguity in the brochure having confused the network in light of which mobile phone package can be ordered together with the satellite navigation. When the navigation has been spec'ed in, some dealers insist the mobile telephone preparation low is not compatible and will allegedly mark the first high package for inclusion rather than the low. However, the description of the low preparation option is of little help and could be construed as meaning it is incompatible with the navigation. I myself have witnessed this just by visiting a handful of dealerships and asking what they think.
  11. 2.0T Quattro and 3.0TDi Auto

    Looks like Audi have sneaked it in to yet another revised version of their brochure; see I don't think version eleven has even made it to the showrooms, but watch out for the 1.8T dropping and yet another brochure being published. This is according to the Audi bulletin. Some of the favourable stats for the new 180ps bear a remarkable resemblence to those for the 211ps engine which may suggest the two engines are essentially based on the same.
  12. 2.0T Quattro and 3.0TDi Auto

    A second 2.0T has been announced (180ps) which Audi regard as a straight replacement for the 1.8T (final orders 31/7). I can see why they've done this given the improvement re. 211ps 2.0T. This new 2.0T is only FWD in man/auto and is 175 GBP more than the 1.8T.