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  1. vw used car warranty length?

    not that easy , this car is loaded with over £3k in extras that others i,ve looked at did,nt have, 12months warranty with warrantydirect is £370 (better cover than vw), not that i,m telling the stealers that , just wanted to know what other owners had received
  2. vw used car warranty length?

    cant do , during negotiations the sales guy said the vehicle would come with a comprehensive vw warranty which i assumed would be 12months so already paid deposit & the car is a corker , been looking for 4 months & all i could find were donkeys
  3. vw used car warranty length?

    hi ,just agreed a deal with main agent in harrogate ,4 yr old approved used vw touareg , the dealer is saying 3 months warranty is standard & refuses to up it to 12months , just wondered what your similar experiences were?
  4. changing headlight bulbs?

    , 2003 passat , got bulb needing replacing , bought set of side lights/main beam , opened bonnet to swap & now wondering , is it a dealer job ?
  5. Newbie

    great choice ,my 1st VW bought PASSAT 20v sport 03reg est black with with 93,000 on for £3650 last oct , been a dream to drive , now showing 110,000 & feels like it has,nt broke sweat yet , drove up through france last nov on my own & got a bit bored at 80mph so gassed it see what sort of speed it would start rocking at , , at 125 it was exactly the same , steady & surefooted on 17inch alloys , really tempted to remap it definitely opened my eyes to the hitler heritage vehicles !! wont be my last one thats for sure !
  6. 1.8t 20v oil choice

    last oil change 7000miles ago took the forum advice & went full synth with millers , mpg did go up slightly on same work journey but noticed with very cold overnight temps lately (-6 etc) slight chatter for a second on start up , just had oil change on our E240 with castrol magnatec semi synth & noticeably quieter on start up & tickover , would other passateers advise against using the same when i oil change next month?
  7. Anyone driven / own the R50??

    if you want specific touareg info from owners i found the place to go, ,helpful & informative ,
  8. put me straight on dreaded mpg ?

    thanks for info shark90 , all comments were invited but i meant vehicle related , can sit in the same room as the wife if i want my ear bending ! drove to germany last year in 2.5 a6 & france this year in 2.0 a6 both avants so know exactly what to expect there, unfortunately while the avants impress me i think audi/bmw have become victims of their own success & have diluted their image ,merc heading the same way with volume sales ,what were once niche brands are seen on every corner, , i,ve had 4bmw,s&7mercs but my 1st vw last year opened my eyes(hitler would have been proud if he could see the vw badge dominate europe) my motoring problem is i only consider spending my hard earned on german engineering i was drawn to the touareg for its safety,rarity,build quality + internal size with seats down is a big factor for loads to europe, i am aware its bigger,heavier,less aerodynamic & 4x4 so wanted to post where i hoped other owners could give it me from the horses mouth i am surprised with your thinking it will be unlikely to find an owner on the forum
  9. put me straight on dreaded mpg ?

    apologies to cruiser647 , useful postings taken info on board ,, cheers
  10. put me straight on dreaded mpg ?

    "dont believe the stats online so wanted to hear it from the owners" ( OWNERS ) is what i said in original post if you can actually read more than a paragraph & then digest it , not go chipping in with half baked notions about what you,ve overheard at the dogtrack!! just a couple of easy questions about mpg ps , ,did you get your mum to help you spell the expletives!!
  11. put me straight on dreaded mpg ?

    what a great help southist!! ever heard the 1 about better keeping quiet in case you look stupid instead of chirping in and confirming!! strange how switching from passat to touareg postings what a difference in attitudes there is,,,, posted there a few times & everyone helpful think you,ve swung decision for me , , gona test drive a couple of 6cyl diesel E classes tomorrow!! northist
  12. put me straight on dreaded mpg ?

    the quoted stats on parkers,carpages etc say 28mpg on the 2.5 & 25pmg on the 3.0 , , is this figure the best they ever achieve or the average over say 500 miles mixed driving? put another way whats the best any owner has managed ?
  13. put me straight on dreaded mpg ?

    ideally i would,nt hesitate in going for the 3ltr but will be doing approx 30,000 miles over 3 years & don,t want the consumption to be like the E240 i,m getting rid of, ,not after 40mpg just early 30s would do , , especially as the recent drop in pump prices is probably going to be short lived
  14. put me straight on dreaded mpg ?

    will wait to hear it from the end users! but if the V6 is better on fuel than the 2.5 it would amaze me!
  15. put me straight on dreaded mpg ?

    think 06/56plate for the V6 3ltr TDI but i have found one for same money ,, i guess on the downside this then puts you into £400+ for years road tax which running 2 vehicles starts to get under my skin! ,if you stick to 2.5tdi 55 at the latest its only £215 for a year it all adds up !!