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  1. Boot Space

    1000mm across 810mm deep (1500 with the seats down)
  2. Performance

    I've also heard the bhp is a bit conservative too. I've seen a couple of cars rolling road results and the stock output was in the 220-230 range. It certainly feels quick :D
  3. Ordered today.....

    Maybe they don't have the exact spec and colour he wants. I know none of the demo cars had what I wanted all in one car.
  4. Thoughts on these options...

    The reversing auto-dip only seems to be there if you also have Xenons. Parking sensors have to be a must though.
  5. Thoughts on these options...

    For £30 I think the tyre sensor is a no brainer.
  6. Thoughts on these options...

    It doesn't measure the pressures, it just measures the rolling radius/time and if the tyre is going flat, that will go outside the accepted parameters and warn you. I'd drop the mats. The dealer should give you those for free. Ask for the premium ones with scirocco written on them
  7. Performance

    Autocar did 6.7s. VW Driver magazine have clocked 5.6s Depends just how abusive the car magazines are. They almost certainly just dump the clutch which is not what your typical driver would do. Maybe VW quote 'brisk' acceleration times more akin to what a normal driver would do.
  8. The Specification and Colour Thread

    Standard wheels are 18s. You can fit 19s but until someone makes that design you're a bit stuck.
  9. The Specification and Colour Thread

    These are pretty close Borbet Type XL Machined w/Black Accent
  10. Glass roof = echo chamber?

    I think the pana roof delay only kicked in recently. I've certainly seen pictures on other sites with UK plates and pana roofs.
  11. Took a test drive - I want one!

    The demos all have the same colour spec. The blues are all manual, the blacks are DSG etc. As for Xenons, I think if you don't regularly drive down unlit B roads you might as well order without.
  12. 1.4 TSI or 2.0 Turbo?

    There's comparison video here YouTube - VW Scirocco first drive Personally I'd go large
  13. Scirocco Clicky Brake

    Sounds like the original version rather than the new one. If you google for 'scirocco club' you'll find a couple of good owners clubs forums for the old models.
  14. Scirocco Ipod Adapter

    It should be a standard item. Don't pay for it. To quote a poster on another scirocco site.... What should happen is that VW send 1 for each vehicle that is sold {usually to the parts dept} so your salesman/woman should then put it in the car for you.
  15. Newbie & I'm officially in love !

    That's a show car colour called Firespark. Salsa red isn't quite so deep or sparkly. Looks like this http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff111/Jimmy23VR5/Photo318.jpg I haven't tried it but apparently the dynaudio is very good. The multifunction wheel is standard. You can control volume and the display between the dials. The debadge option is for the engine/model ID on the boot. DSG has a couple of modes. You can put it into D and drive as a normal auto but it kicks down instantly if you stab your right foot. You can also override the current gear with +/- paddles behind the steering wheel. You can also drive in fully paddle mode. There's also an S (sport) mode which holds it in gear pretty much to the red line before it changes up. If you're after a test drive, look for a black car. The black dealer demos are all DSG (with the roof). The blues are manual. I can't remember what the white ones are. I think DSG but I'm not 100% sure.