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  1. I wanted to know the weight of the stock Wheel only on a 2008 135i MSport Coupe. I am tempted to get the OZ Superleggars that weigh around 10KGs and wanted to know what saving I would make. I am staying with RFT's so will only be saving weight on the wheel itself, so want it reduced as much as possible. I will be going up one tyre width size to get a bit more rubber on the road so a slight gain in weight there. I was going to get the BMW perfomance wheels, but I don;t know the weight of them and don't believe it will be anything close to the OZ's. If anyone has the OZ's, do rim protectors on tyres extend beyond the rim to protect it still ?
  2. My 135i with some Carbon

    341 BHP & 360 Ft Lbs
  3. My 135i with some Carbon

    Makes it look a little more Squat from the rear and of course it protects the paint......since I have 341 BHP and 360 ft Lbs torque, it needs som extra protection
  4. My 135i with some Carbon

    Well the weather is good, so I got to wash the car and take some pictures at last. I am still to fit my race mesh grills to match the FMIC one, I though "to hell with it" it looks so nice I will have to take the pictures today. You will see I currently have both the iCarbon rear diffuser and the front lip. Both of these items are of excellent quality and the fitment is fairly straight forward for both and I fitted both of these on my own. I hope you enjoy the pictures of my car and A big thank you to iCarbon and I am looking forward to adding an iCarbon CF "roof spoiler" next PS I've removed the M Badge now
  5. BMW Performance exhaust fitted

    I've done a couple of hundred ,iles now since having the exhaust fitted and dropped the ITG air filter in at the same time and now I think the ECU has adapted because the car feel much brighter now and more instant . The sound has changed slightly as it is "burning in" I now can't wait till I get 5000 miles on this engine to get it loosed up fully (currently 2850 miles). Oh yes and running Shell VPower (99 ron)
  6. BMW Performance exhaust fitted

    These is a performance gain (BHP) and I agree there are better sytems out there, but I am very keen on keeping my warranty intact and to be honest, the volume leves are just right without being something that attracts too much "unwanted" attention. A was a bit excited when I mentioned the Ferrari , but hey, I am really pleased with the sound and it is a little like that sound, just toned down a bit rather than a really deep pitch it does have a certain "scream" about it, hence the comment. I have noticed the turbo pick up is better at lower revs and from 5000 RPM upward it feels like it breathes alittle better too. I don't knoiw how much of that is down the the ITG Air filter too though. But with bothe of these, a mild improvemebnt over standard that can be felt and a much better sound, that has me flooring it at every opportunity just to listen to it
  7. BMW Performance exhaust fitted

    Supplied and fitted at local dealer for £610. The 135i one include the front pipes too with the resonators removed. I believe the 130i is only the Back box, so this price may not be correct for you.
  8. Picked my car up yesterday after having this fitted. Sounds really nice, slightly deeper tone at idle and fairly reserved before 4k RPM, after this the tone gets rather sexy and stays like that all the way to the red line. The flap and actuator in the rear box is not there any more so that annoying "Clunk" has gone and you don’t get the tone change when it opens under light acceleration. All in all I am really please, it is not a neighbour waker around town and back streets, it just rumbles away just nicely with a sporty rasp that is pleasant and not offensive, but get it on the slip road and floor it and you think a Ferrari has just pulled up the slip road along side you. Hit a few tunnels and WOW, what a nice sound. I dropped my ITG air filter back in when I got home last night, but haven't really had the chance to rag it properly yet round the usual roads I "play" on. I would say it seems to pull slightly better lower down and what little lag there was seems reduced still further. So I am very pleased with it, the sound is "Quality" and not over the top, in your face "Boy Racer" but it is noticeable louder and when you want to hear as well as feel the power.
  9. 135i Software update/version question

    Cheers for the info. May dealer tells my there is no software update, so not sure if ths applies to UK cars
  10. I fitted this last night, all of 1 minute to do. When out for a drive after. Not sure if the sound is much different but in 1st gear it felt sharper and when gunning it in 3rd gear from 5-7k RPM it seems crisper. All in all a very mild difference and livened the throttle response slightly and higher revs seem to move faster, so worth it for me. I can’t wait to get the BMW performance exhaust on it in a few weeks now. I haven't decided for sure yet on the Procede V3, but am moving toward these 2 minor tweaks to help breathing and leave it at that......but you know how it is, once you have the bug, it never stops nagging you.
  11. Throttle reset on 135i

    Tried it, didn't get any whirring noise that I could hear. Also wasn't sure if I needed to turn ignition off again before I started it or not. I started the engine straight away and turned it off after a minute or two. I will get to drive it later.
  12. ITG air filter for 135i

    Cotton doesn't filter as well as Tri-Foam and cloggs faster, that was why I went for ITG, Also less likely to draw as much oils onto the MAF. I will be going for the BMW Performance Exhaust too next month (I hope) so all going well I hope to see a slight improvement.
  13. Throttle reset on 135i

    Cheers, It's worth a try.
  14. Throttle reset on 135i

    Can this be done like with other DBW systems with a sequence of ingition switch, pedal to floor for 5 sec's and ingition off, release pedal etc ? If so, how is it done on a 135i ? I have found this useful on previous DBW cars to remove any driver adaptive settings and put it back to learning your driving style again. Usually returns crisper throttle resonse etc.