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  1. How neat is this?

    funny thing about the doors though. i personally love the weight of them and the sound they make when you shut them, but my girlfriend always used to say the door was trying to kill her when it tried to shut by itself because she didnt use enough power when opening it. she implied the car was jealous of her.. and all because she was used to the flimsy doors on a micra. everyone speaks of the good quality interior in their audis, and it is top notch compared to one of my mates car , a 330Ci, which looks nothing like it costs nearly £ it's not only ford and vauxhall who have some lessons to learn from audi
  2. [FS] 4 x 18" Mille Miglia Cup 3

    thats a really good idea.
  3. [FS] 4 x 18" Mille Miglia Cup 3

    no offers at all, so i'm trying with £450 ono
  4. Which Digital camera ????

    I've got to agree with Pincher on this one, but not for the same reason. Every time you turn your camera on it will pre-load all existing pictures. Obviously this takes ages if you have a large memory card(i'm talking seconds here, not days btw ). So, in other words get smaller cards. most websites discussing this sort of issue say max 64MB, but 128MB should be okay as well. just some a bit of advice. it's a b*tch having to wait for your camera to load and be ready while you're watching the target of your interest disappearing....

    Congrats with finally getting your car chipped Johnny! I cannot believe you had to RR the car to realise you only had 88bhp. Sorry mate, just made me laugh. Look on the bright side though. It must be the best value chip any of us has ever had. More than doubling your power for a few hundred quid is fecking excellent....
  6. Selling my beloved alloys due to lack of car... Check out the the ad for details.
  7. even though i personally wouldn't consider buying a mondeo, rest assured it will probably be the top seller of its class. why? the same reason any of these boring, crappy cars are sold in vast numbers - leasing of company cars. anyway, it doesn't look half bad now. although it does appear to be shape-shifting into a passat
  8. Phat Box Digital Media

    this has already been mentioned in another post... try doing a search here's the link to the post
  9. Audi UK

    In a perfect world they would have showed up, but I can understand that they declined as well. Even if we all know that these meets would be great publicity, they cannot be sure of how such an event would turn out. A marketeer would always be on the lookout for free publicity, but it has to come at a low risk. If something goes to hell at such an event and it can be connected to Audi UK they are in a bit a situation... Just my 2cents as someone who has worked in marketing in the past...
  10. Audi PhatNoise Digital Car Audio System

    on the bottom of the page there is a list of Audi part numbers. this piece of kit is sold through Audi USA apparently, but you could try getting it here. have a chat with Martyn or Paul @ maybe they can get you one...
  11. Outlook 2002 signon in XP

    the email has nothing to do with the problem. you need to disable the power saving feature on your computer to keep it 'from going to sleep'. I use XP at home, but at the mo' i'm using win95 so pls correct me if i remember incorrectly. Right-click desktop and choose Screensaver. At the bottom there should be a section on Energy-saving. Just disable the option to go to standby. just leave the option concerning the monitor enabled. this should keep your computer 'awake' at all times and emails should be collected at the frequency you have set up in Outlook (under options/advanced IIRC).
  12. New Honda advert

    finally a car maker had the balls to make an ad which is a bit more clever than some tw*t zooming along (pun intended). unfortunately its a bit long so they've already started cutting it down in length....
  13. Revo Chipping

    Of course you have the privilege of proper information! That is why I said that not explaining to Johnny what was going on and just keeping him on grass was not very good customer management or service... The customer is always king, but it is easy to forget about product quality if you cut corner in QA and testing to satisfy customer demand. Just look at the way Microsoft treats its customers by putting out products on the market before they are ready, and consequently having to release patches and service packs almost straight after launch. Obviously this is normally of minor consequence to the customer other than the irritation at having to download updates. It is a completely different situation with a company such as Revo. If they release 'faulty' software it could have major financial implications not to mention hurting their goodwill and future in the tuning market. I am not accusing Johnny of being incorrect in his observations of Revo, but just wanted to highlight the issue from another angle...
  14. Revo Chipping

    Is it the 1.8T non-DBW code you are waiting for Johnny? I received an email from Richard (Operations Manager) Tuesday last week saying that the above mentioned software was complete but still had glitches. He also thought it should be finalised this week and available to dealers for sale very soon. I understand that you're upset about being left to wait when they gave you the impression it would be done a month ago, but at the end of the day the delay is to your benefit. If your car was fecked because their software was not tested well enough, I am sure you would be less than pleased. That they haven't kept you in the loop on the progress is not particularly good customer management, but still I believe forgiveable given the care and attention they are taking to put out good products on the market. Sorry to be such a pedantic sh*t, but I do believe in giving people we know to market excellent products and deliver the goods on a regular basis a second chance.
  15. Un-chipping question! [URGENT]

    cheers danksy... i think i am just going to bite the bullet and pay them to put the standard software back on...