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  1. Xbox Repairs?

    I had the RROD as well, and MS turned it around really quickly. I had it collected and returned in less than 10 days. They changed the motherboard and disk drive and gave it a general overhaul. To be honest, with the prices for a new basic X-Box, I suppose you'd have to ask yourself if it is worth paying £70 for a repair. I'd be tempted to splash £129 for a new one.
  2. What the F is a B

    It's the model generation reference... The current model is a B8 The first A4 model was a B5 (I think) The B6 came in 2001 ish and was replaced 2005 by the B7 I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. Enjoy the car
  3. Try asking here... there are far more A5 users and you'll probably get a wider response: Audi A5/S5 Owners Club - A5_OC
  4. waranty issue

    Well..... If they a fixing your car, then perhaps you should let it be, but then keep it in the proverbial 'back pocket' in case they play up again.
  5. The 'Subscribed' Tom Tom database I didn't find too bad, and if you had it connected to your mobile phone it could update on the move if need be. It also gave you the option to report cameras as well.
  6. new A4 queries - help please

    If you have the multi-function steering wheel, you can actually adjust the Nav volume (RH thumbwheel) when she is talking, so in theory you could turn it down to nothing or just really low... Pressing the RH thumbwheel, repeats the last Nav command, so you could press it and then adjust the wheel, if you'd turned the volume down to nothing, and needed to get her back.
  7. A4 Valuation please

    My local dealer gave me £10500 for my 2004 A4 SLine (1.8T - 190ps) and that had 35k on the clock.... That seems really good in comparison to what they have offered you. If you have the time, sell it privately... It's always quite good to trawl Autotrader anyway, as you can see what the dealers are likely to try and get, and also get a feel for what they are going for in private sale.
  8. My car was STOLEN

    Those pictures almost make me feel sick.... I'm genuinely gutted for you. I'd be raging..... I'm really sorry for you. What the hell happened?
  9. Tourist Mode

    Sorry.. you're right.. It's an Audi A5 with MMI high & Xenons...
  10. Tourist Mode

    I don't suppose any of you VAG-COM wizzs out there know how to get it so that the 'Tourist' option appears in the MMI menu under exterior lighting. As I understand later cars with Xenons now have it appearing as standard, and as you may have guessed mine doesn't. I've been to see the dealer, and I think his knowledge is perhaps a bit limited, although he could activate it direct, but that would mean I would have to go back every time I wanted in changed. FYI, 'Tourist mode' switches the headlights over for driving abroad.
  11. What's your favourite car from the 80s?

    I guess my favourite 80s car was the same as Garcon: but I guess my favourite pin up car had to be this. I just loved those 80s looks.
  12. new A4 queries - help please

    I'm not sure about the sat nav query, but I know on my A5 (MMI High) the nearside door mirror tilts down. All you need to do, is leave the nearside mirror selected on the mirror controls. So leave it to the left, and when reverse gear is selected, it tilts down automatically and then returns afterwards. It's as simple as that.
  13. A5 3.0tdi?

    You wouldn't regret owning one... book a test drive, only way to know for sure. If you want to speak to a community who undoubtedly love their 3.0TDIs then look here: Audi A5 Forum & Audi S5 Forum - A5/S5 Owners Club
  14. 'Grassing up' a Speeder ?

    Couldn't you just tell the DVLA who you sold it to, (which surely your are entitled/obliged to do). and in all innocence you could have done so on day one. and if they then pass on the information to the police then it's hardly your fault is it??? There is a difference in you just simply grassing him up, and him pretty much fitting you up for crimes you haven't committed. :confused: Personally I think I'd pass on the details to DVLA.....
  15. R8 Roadster

    I couldn't readily see a mention of this elsewhere.. so at the risk of double posting!!! Personally I think it's difficult to comment without actually seeing the roof down.... but I wouldn't say no 2010 Audi R8 Roadster - Spied/VW/Audi Central/High Performance/Hot Lists/Reviews/Car and Driver - Car And Driver http://www.caranddriver.com/var/ezwebin_site/storage/images/reviews/hot_lists/car_shopping/latest_news_reviews/2010_audi_r8_roadster_spied/2010_audi_r8_roadster/audr8_rdstr_spy_1/1589511-1-eng-US/audr8_rdstr_spy_1_gallery_image_large.jpg http://www.caranddriver.com/var/ezwebin_site/storage/images/reviews/hot_lists/car_shopping/latest_news_reviews/2010_audi_r8_roadster_spied/2010_audi_r8_roadster/audr8_rdstr_spy_4/1589553-1-eng-US/audr8_rdstr_spy_4_gallery_image_large.jpg http://www.caranddriver.com/var/ezwebin_site/storage/images/reviews/hot_lists/car_shopping/latest_news_reviews/2010_audi_r8_roadster_spied/2010_audi_r8_roadster/audr8_rdstr_spy_6/1589581-1-eng-US/audr8_rdstr_spy_6_gallery_image_large.jpg