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  1. RS4 - what mpg COULD you get...

    Has Audipartner considered an S4 instead of an RS4? Cheaper to buy and run, should get a few more mpg, and still has the V8 soundtrack... I'm seriously thinking about getting one as my daily driver (although my commute is only 7 miles). However, prices for S4's don't seem to have plummeted as I thought they would with the latest round of fuel price increases.
  2. Coilpack recall

    Thanks to this thread I've just had the coilpacks replaced FOC on my 2003 A4 3.0 petrol V6. Parklands Audi did it while I waited, and the hour or so it took included cleaning the car inside and out - result!
  3. Advice for a newbie : )

    I agree with MrMe, I wouldn't buy a diesel cab. I chose the 3 litre petrol engine and love it - just over 200bhp so reasonably rapid and I still get aroung 30mpg average. I didn't want a 4 cylinder turbo (more to go wrong) and I would avoid the 2.4 litre petrol - about 50 bhp less and no more economical (its an older design of engine). And I would avoid the multitronic gearbox, they seem quite troublesome. My car is a late 2003 which has the advantage of the 6 speed manual, and it has done just over 100,000 miles with no issues. Looking at prices mine is probably now worth less than the £8K you want to spend - but it's not for sale! Clive
  4. A4 Cab rear anti-roll bar

    The ARB seems to be a poor design - it appears that water gets in under the plastic bushes, then the ARB rusts and splits the plastic bushes; its an MOT failure and unrepairable. However, the good news is that the ARB and rubber bushes are cheap (for Audi parts) and you can do the job yourself. My 2003 A4 cabriolet failed for this reason last year. I think my Audi dealer quoted me around £200 for the job (not £350 that you've been quoted) but being a cheapskate I decided to do it myself. I decided not to upgrade the the RS4 ARB (even though it is no more expensive) because of insurance concerns (if you declare it your insurance may go up, and if you don't declare it what if you have a serious accident and they notice it?). I must say I found it quite a difficult job, having not done it before and with no workshop manual, and with the car just on ramps. On the 3 litre petrol cabrio you have to undo the rear exhaust hanger bolts, and the bolts holding the 2 stiffening bars that you'll see under the car that go from front to back (presumably to stop scuttle shake?), and even then it is a b*gger to get the old bar out and the new one in. Half way through the job I wished I'd paid the £200 for someone else to do it. I managed it in the end though. Next time (in another 5 years?) I'll be able to do it much quicker. Clive
  5. A4 Cab Potential Purchase

    I'm sure you will love the car Iain, especially in this weather! I have a 2003 3 litre petrol manual cab that I've had for a couple of years and has now done just over 100K miles and still drives like new. Clive
  6. B6 S4 Auxilliary Radiator Replacement

    How about taking them to a radiator specialist and having them repaired? I'm not familiar with the S4 auxiliary radiator but have successfully had radiators on other cars refurbished in the past.
  7. Ipod Adaptor

    Hi, I've just bought and Ipod Touch and want to adapt it to my car, a 2003 A4 3.0 cabriolet with standard concert stereo. I've done a search on here but have a question. I'm not bothered about too many features so am thinking of going for the Connects2. Can comeone tell me what is the difference between the 'ipod adaptor' (CTAADIPOD003) and the 'aux adaptor' (CTVADX001)? They seem to say they both do the same thing, but the aux adaptor is about £20 cheaper.
  8. Boot 12V power socket... help?

    Why not just stop putting your three year old in the boot?
  9. Newbie help required!

    Hi, what model do you have? I have a 2003 A4 cab 3.0 V6. My car has a separate demist button that sends a blast of hot dry air onto the screen, works brilliantly - not sure if all models have this. I have the standard radio CD (not Bose) and I find it excellent - plenty powerful enough and good sound quality. Sounds like you have a fault. I had my cambelt change done last year by Stafford Audi and was very happy - I had to travel about 80 miles to get there but it was worth it for the price, and they lent me a decent courtesy car. Clive
  10. 270 feet jump in a car !!!

    There's a line in the 1936 film 'Things to Come' where the hero says "the best of life lies closest to the edge of death". I think there's a lot of truth in that. I get a big thrill out of riding my motorbike fast, maybe because of the element of danger (I know that's not in the same league as skydiving without a parachute!).
  11. Buying advice

    Equaliser, my mpg figures were driving the car reasonably carefully with economy in mind, you would get less if you thrashed it. But I have achieved as much as 37.5 mpg on a mostly motorway trip (that is according to the DIS, and they are known to be a little optimistic). Clive
  12. Buying advice

    Hi EQ, I am a relatively new member of this forum and I went through the same decision process as you last August. I ended up choosing a 53 plate 3.0 cabrio with 6-speed manual gearbox as my first Audi. I couldn't be more pleased. The 1.8T seemed rough in comparison and the 2.4 is an older design of engine than the 3.0 that has about 50 bhp less but similar petrol consumption. I avoided the automatic version and the quattro to maximise economy and reliability and minimise running costs. I get just under 30mpg around town and 35mpg+ on the motorway which I think is not bad. I'm sure others will have different opinions but I'm pleased with my choice. Clive
  13. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me if these are the right mirror covers to fit a 2003 B6 A4 cabrio? I sent a message to the guy and he said no, they wouldn't fit, but they look like the right part numbers Audi RS4/S3/S8/S6/S5 wing mirror covers GENUINE on eBay, also Mirrors Mirror Covers, Exterior Styling, Car Tuning Styling, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 03-Apr-09 21:32:19 BST)
  14. Milltek on V6 3.0

    Hi, I've found a lot of threads on how good a Milltek exhaust sounds on an S4. Can anyone comment on what one sounds like on a 3.0 V6? I'm thinking of getting a catback fitted to mine. Thanks, Clive
  15. Another servicing costs thread...

    Just wanted to report that I have had my service done by Stafford Audi and they were excellent, I cannot fault them. I set off from Cheltenham at 6.30am on Tuesday for the 80 mile trip up the M5/M6 to Stafford and got there just before they opened at 8.00am. The lovely Becky was already at her desk and happy to book my car in. I was given an 08 reg A6 2.0 tdi avant as a loan car (more on that later) and was back in Cheltenham at my desk by 9.30. On Wednesday afternoon Becky phoned me and discussed whether I wanted some additional 'advisory' work done. I decided to go ahead with having the second belt changed at a cost of £43 (the ebay price of £395 only includes the cambelt), a brake fluid change at £59, and an aircon regas, £59. I declined a few others, like replacing the wipers and split ARB bushes (I'm thinking I will do an upgrade to the RS4 ARB myself). I returned to Stafford for 8.00am the next day and the car was ready and waiting, and the bill was exactly as expected, total just over £800 which I was happy with. Overall a very pleasant experience. Except for one thing, that diesel engine in the loan car was pretty awful compared to my petrol V6 3.0! And the fuel saving was not that great. For the identical journey driving fairly gently along the motorway in both cars the DIS registered 36 mpg for the journey in my car and 44mpg for the diesel A6. Considering diesel is about 10% more expensive than petrol, and my car has 50bhp more (220 vs 170 I think) I know which engine I'd rather have! Clive