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  1. Should I buy A Z3

    ive just bought a 2.8 z3 and is brilliant to drive. ive had a few beemers before but not for few years and once you have one you wont want to drive anything else. they are are just solid cars. they are heavy however, so depending on whether you like a car to get you to b or whether you like to 'drive' to 'b' then that may influence your engine decision. my mate has a 328i and that weighs 1500kg, my z3 and all of them i would assume, weighs 1450!!!! only 5 kg lighter due to the floor strengthening. ive just bought some aftermarket blue bulbs from to change the colour of my dash lights. only a few quid and looks ace. plenty you can do to them but also bear in mind that from the 2.8i they have a wider body on them so they look more agressive can way cooler. insurance isnt bad either. adrian flux gave me mine on a classic car policy for £280 and im 32 with full ncb. hope that helps!
  2. hi above says itall. cheers kev 07880812456
  3. hi need the above wheel if anyone has one or i have the other 3 with tyres to sell. THEY ARE 15 SPOKE SORRY 07880812456 cheers kev
  4. hi got the above car. not happy with the handling. have been looking at a janspeed coilover set for 343 and maybe a strut brace. can anybody give me advice as to whether this is a good idea or not please. if not why please and what would you suggest. i want to stop scuttle shake she wallows too. (only 50 kg lighter that a 328i!!!) anything else would be good too. superchip? exhaust? thanks kev
  5. Z3 spares wanted 2.8i 1997

    hi, im struggling to find spares for a repair im doing. i need drivers front wing, drivers front wing mirror , front drivers alloy (16spoke 17inch), front bumper, drivers front light cluster and possibly bonnet. anybody have any of this or know where i can get them. i can repair if needed thanks kev