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  1. Edition 30 owners LOOK (plaque info)

    Might have done this twice !!!!! Anybody had their plaque yet. I have sent two emails to VW's customer care centre and not even had the courtesy of a reply let alone answer my question about the plaques . Be interesting if anybody has received one. Or has anyone got any more up to date info. Wagonboy
  2. Edition 30 owners LOOK (plaque info)

    Anybody had theirs yet. Sent two emails to VW's customer care centre, not even had the the courtesy of a reply let alone any info on the plaques
  3. Edition 30 owners LOOK (plaque info)

    Yes I agree with you. I looked at the 'Pirelli' and thought it a bit gimicky.I plumped for the ED30 and i think the interlagos/leather is great. Only had it for 1 month now but absolutely thrilled with it. Are these labels going out to original purchasers only do you know as said i've only had mine a month, originally a VW car !!!
  4. Hi All, anyone throw any light on my sons Civic type R. 03reg. Hooter stopped working and airbag light come on . Anyone suffered similar problem. Is it just bad contact at steering wheel or something more serious. Any comments/ideas on problem would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  5. About to buy 'Edition 30'

    Well i picked up the ED 30 last week. After a week of exhillaration i can say the car is all i expected and MORE. Like a few comments i have read on the site i also cant wait to get in each time i go out to give it another spin. Pleased with the colour and the interlagos trim with the leather looks great. DEFINATELY RECOMMENDED. Attached a couple of piccies.
  6. About to buy 'Edition 30'

    Cheers again for replies , will let you know how i get on with my new toy and let you know my comments and post a few piccies in a week or so.
  7. About to buy 'Edition 30'

    Thanks for the replies, its appreciated . I am now looking forward to getting behind the wheel (probably picking it up this weekend ). It really is nice to know that the majority of comments on the ED30 are of a positive nature :D. Have made a careful note about your speed comments, there are PLENTY of camera's around here !!!!! This seems an excellent site for keeping up to date with things and I will definately be on here regularly keeping an eye on whats going on with all you keen enthusiasts. Will relay my comments back to you once we've had the car for a couple of weeks. Cheers again for your interest/comments.
  8. About to buy 'Edition 30'

    Thanks for reply,havn't looked under ED30, had a look at quite a bit of the gti input, most of it relates to specific problems or queries. Was just trying to get a response in general if owners are pleased with the car overall. The car is ED30 5dr. DSG, reflex silver with interlagos/leather trim, parking censors, tinted glass, rcd 500 music system with 6 stack, cruise, centre arm rest.Other than that it is normal spec i think. Once again thanks for interest/reply.
  9. About to buy 'Edition 30'

    I am a new member on site, but hopefully will use and find the site very interesting and worthwhile. Just about to purchase an Ed.30 DSG 2007/57 plate with 4000 miles on clock. All of you who are out there that have one I would be very pleased with your feedback and hopefully hear of your experience's of owning one. Look forward to reading your replies. Many thanks 'wagonboy'