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  1. Problems with Heated Seats in TTS

    Thanks for your replies... yes it is the actual heat that is the problem.. it is the metal or the part of the element protruding that is causing issues. I have gone to a couple of local showrooms and they all have the same issue... but only the TTS!!! bizarrely on all the other models you cannot feel the element. And i have gone back to Audi who investigated and said i am the only person to complain about this problem. :confused: I think that part of the issue is that i do not sit in a typical sports slouching position, but sit reasonably upright tucking myself into the seat properly. Because they say noone else has complained I am struggling to get anywhere with Audi... Any ideas ?
  2. Problems with Heated Seats in TTS

    Hi All, I have an Audi TTS that i love... its a year old but i am having real problems with it. The heated seat element on the seat base (horizontal part !!) right near the back of the seat where it meets the vertical part underneath the leather protrudes slightly up through the leather and has bruised the base of my spine. !! Sorry its difficult to explain exactly where the problem is on the seat. Has anyone else heard of this problem ? Audi say it is not a fault! Cant believe its right as one can feel the element through the seat. comments please
  3. new A4 queries - help please

    Thanks for all the info... going to go and see what i can do! Will let you all know if it works!
  4. BMW Silver 320i se Jan 2003

    Hello all, Not sure if this is an appropriate place to post this message, but would anyone be interested in buying a lovingly cared for Beemer? Fully loaded with all available options (apart from sunroof) but has everything else.. £15k worth of options... one driver 51500 mileage fully serviced etc...Tax to Dec 08 Extended BM Warranty to Dec 08 Location : Hertfordshire / North London If you want anymore info can supply!
  5. new A4 queries - help please

    hi guys.. Have just taken delivery of my new A4...SE TDI 2.0 and loving it!! But have a few questions that perhaps someone has the answer to? I have the Sat Nav System Plus... does anyone know if there is a way to mute intantaneously the sat nav? I know that in set up i can set it to mute if a call comes thru etc but there are times when i only really want to be able to hear it as i approach where i am going to and dont want to listen to it throughout the whole journey. Am sure there must be a way but havent figured it out yet and wondered if anyone else had?! 2. the other query i had was in connection with the wing mirrors! I have the comfort pack on the car so wing mirrors electrically fold heat and dim etc... but i wondered if anyone knows if there is a setting that one can put in to the MMI so that when reverse gear is selected the nearside wing mirror automatically tilts downwards to be able to see the kerbside. I had that feature on my Beemer and it was really useful when parking. Apart from that it is an amazing car!!! Jessie